How to complete A Little Lovely Music Lost Ark Quest

How to complete A Little Lovely Music Lost Ark Quest – 1 Minute Guide

To complete A Little Lovely Music Lost Ark | In MMORPG Lost Ark, there are a variety of quests that you can complete to get different rewards. Sometimes, these quests are seems to be little confusing and may frustrate you. And A little Lively Music is one of them.

Lost Ark: A Little Lovely Music Lost Ark Quest Guide

This co-op quest can be found in Revely Row island just in the south of the continent of the Vern. It begins in every thirty minutes and requires players to “play exciting music” on the dance floor which is located at the centre of the island. It seems easy but the main problem it that it doesn’t specify what it means to “play exciting music.”

in lost ark how can you complete a little lively music quest
Image: Smilegate RPG (A Little Lovely Music Lost Ark Quest)

So in order to complete this quest, you actually don’t need to play any of the songs from your library. When the quest begins, you’ll need to walk to the DJ Booth and interact with it. Also, remember you will only have a window of one minute and thirty seconds to complete this part of the quest. After that, you’ll need to get handful Silver coins to use in your journey By a handful, we mean anything between x168 and x503 Silver coins.


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