Among Us Always Imposter Hack – Host, No Kill cooldown [Undetected] [2021]

Among Us Free Hacks, Radar Hack, Force Imposter, Kill Cooldown, and More

Among Us Always Imposter Hack - Host, No Kill cooldown [Undetected] [2021]
Among Us Always Imposter Hack: Among Us Always Imposter

Among Us Always Imposter Hack | Hello everybody I do know several of you have got been asking ME to unharness a brand new among the USA hack I’m extremely pitying the delay, we tend to area unit here with a really basic hack for among the USA, it’s a really straightforward measuring system hack to reveal the imposters and dead crewmates, it is not like alternative forever pseudo hack.

This is a really basic hack use of this hack is pretty straightforward therefore do not expect a lot of from this hack it’s solely a measuring system, therefore you’ll become Holmes, victimization this mode, it’s a fairly smart hack for among the USA. Works with the most recent version.

Status: Undetected

Version: 27/11/2021

Download Now

The game version required: Latest

Among us Voice mod free download:

Among Us Free Hack features:

  • Always Imposter
  • 1-sec kill cooldown
  • Impostor Role 
  • Impostor Reveal
  • No Kill CoolDown 
  • Radar Map 
  • Teleport Kill 
  • Magnet Player

Among Us Always Impostor Hack Instructions:

  1. Run the game.
  2. Download the dll from the link below.
  3. Download any injector from the website.
  4. Simply select among us inject dll, enjoy.


  • Menu – DELETE
  • Enable Radar – INSERT
  • Show Console – HOME
  • Repair Sabotage – END

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