Best Among Us Roles Tier List

Best Among Us Roles Tier List (January 2022)

Among Us Roles Tier List | Roles are a game mechanic in Among us that can be chosen at random or provided under particular conditions. Crewmate, Impostor, scientist, shapeshifter, engineer, guardian angel, and ghost are the seven roles currently available in Among us. Every job has its own set of skills and mechanics. Impostors, for instance, have access to Kill, Sabotage, and Vent. Therefore, nowadays let’s look into the best role in Among us Roles Tier List.

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Among Us Roles Tier List (2022)

Here are the best roles you can take in Among Us Roles Tier List:

Among Us Roles Tier ListRoles
S TierEngineer
S TierShapeshifter
A TierGuardian Angel
B TierScientist
C TierImpostor
D TierCrewmate
F TierGhost
Best Among Us Roles Tier List

Among Us Roles Ability Notes and Exclusive Mechanics

Here are the exclusive abilities of all Among Us Roles:

NameExclusive Abilities
ShapeshifterChange your color and accessories of a Crewmate.
EngineerCan move through vents like imposters.
Guardian AngelCover another player with a protective shield to save them from imposters.
ScientistYou can access Vitals anytime on the map.
CrewmateThe common role, same as before.
ImpostorCan kill cremates, and move through vents.
GhostDead Crewmates. Move through walls.
Best Among Us Roles Tier List

Engineers will travel through vents, and with some smart coming up with will catch the imposters guilty. The only drawback is that other players may think that you simply are a mackintosh because of your ability to travel through vents. Shapeshifters will simply manipulate the entire team by usurping the looks of another player. At right hands, Shapeshifters will simply sense Crewmates one by one and win the game.

That’s everything you need to know about Among Us Roles Tier List. For moreΒ Among us guidesΒ related to the newest updates, check out our linked section.

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