Anime Guardian Codes 2023

Anime Guardian Codes (February 2024)

In this post we discuss Anime Guardian Codes. Roblox Anime Guardian is an exciting action and tower defense game that allows players to take on the roles of their favorite anime characters and defend their base against waves of enemies. As players progress through the levels, they earn new equipment, cash, and gems, which can be used to purchase new characters and enhance their gaming experience. To make the gameplay even more enjoyable, there are exclusive Anime Guardian codes that players can redeem for free rewards.

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Anime Guardian Codes

To kick off our list, we have the most recent working Roblox Anime Guardian codes , which can be redeemed for gems and free characters that enhance gameplay. These codes are subject to expiry, so it’s essential to use them promptly for maximum benefits. Here are the latest codes:

  • welcometodiscordβ€”Redeem for 200 Gems (New)
  • gem200-1β€”Redeem for 200 Gems (New)
  • 1000likesβ€”Redeem for 200 Gems (New)
  • 500likesβ€”Redeem for a Super Legend Pull (New)
  • 2022β€”Redeem to get a legend after finishing tutorial (New)
  • FreeGem200β€”Redeem for 200 Gems (New)

How to redeem Anime Guardian Codes?

If you’re new to Anime Guardian and want to claim your free rewards using the codes, follow these simple steps:

  • Open Roblox Anime Guardian on your PC or Mobile device.
  • Once in the game, head to the Codes NPC located in the beginning spawn area.
  • Copy a code from the list provided above.
  • Paste the code into the “Enter Code Here” text box within the game.
  • Hit the “Yes” button to redeem the code and claim your reward.

It’s important to note that if a brand new code doesn’t work initially, you can try closing and reopening the game to join a new server, where the updated build may accept the code.

Where to Find More Anime Guardian Codes 2023

As Anime Guardian Codes are periodically released, players can keep themselves updated by joining the official Discord server for Roblox Anime Guardian. The server provides the latest news, updates, and also acts as a platform for players to interact and share their experiences. Additionally, this guide will be updated regularly with the most recent codes, so players should check back frequently to stay in the loop.


Roblox Anime Guardian offers an immersive and action-packed gaming experience for fans of anime and tower defense genres. With its engaging gameplay, unique characters, and regular code updates, players can enjoy a variety of free rewards, including gems and characters that enhance their gameplay. By following the provided steps to redeem codes, players can unlock valuable items and strengthen their characters. Additionally, joining the official Discord server and regularly checking this guide will keep players informed about the latest codes and updates.

Embrace the role of your favorite anime characters, build a formidable defense, and embark on a thrilling adventure in Roblox Anime Guardian! Remember to use the codes wisely before they expire, and don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments section below. Happy gaming!

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