Fortnite Island Codes [2022]

Fortnite Island Codes allow players to share their own creations and maps with other players via 12-digit codes. All you artistic players out there who have invested countless hours creating nice mini-games and wish to share your masterpiece with the whole world will now do thus.

Likewise, this is often also delightful for those of you who are hungry for a lot of ways to play Fortnite along with your friends, but don’t fancy the hard work: simply browse the net for a cool Island Code, enter it within the artistic Hub, and enjoy the fruits of somebody else’s labor.


·  5542-7687-4547  Risky Runways, a trap-filled multiplayer map
·  2012-6281-8095  Nuketown Reimagined, classic COD map
·  6224-0839-9043  Explorer, parkour map
·  1090-0783-2499  Looming Lama, elaborate multiplayer map
·  0246-3501-9703  Eerie Estates, great for hide-and-seek
·  8641-0487-1161  Grimy Greens, a dark mystery lies beneath the grass
·  5253-4025-7629  Dust II from CS:GO
·  8335-1484-3001  LazarbeamYT’s map
·  7693-3640-8910  Mystery Market
·  5916-2410-1250  Mighty Mountain
·  2434-7674-6447  YU7A’s map
·  1512-9091-3630  Mahal Museum
·  8792-1332-7866  Bounce Pad Deathmatch
·  2092-4164-5943  CallMeCypher’s FFA Snipes
·  4815-1697-8741  Factories Overgrown Remix
·  0632-6317-2480  Tinker’s Toystore
·  0213-4672-2099  Janky Jail, fun multiplayer map
·  0940-9970-7913  CizzorzDeathRun Challenge, parkour challenge
·  3624-9134-2626  MW2 Rust, classic COD map
·  4264-02210-9408  Merls Battle Arena
·  6352-8048-2222  Snipers Vs Runners, inventive mini game
·  5618-2963-5299  Warp Up Course (Advanced), perfect for training
·  9587-6651-4676  Halo’s Lockout, recreation of popular Halo map
·  4203-6925-0108  Shipment COD 4, ideal for a frantic FFA
Fortnite Island Codes


So, how does one actually load new Fortnite creative Islands? All you’ve got to do isn’t the code you would like down, load into Fortnite creative, head to the creative Hub, and look for one of the quality rift portals that signifies a featured Island. Stop before you really wander into the rift portal, And you’ll see an option to ‘Set Island Code’ by holding the E key. This may bring up a box like the one below:

Once you’ve input the code in, the game will take a moment to search out the Island and provides you a brief description of it, thus you can confirm it’s the Island Code you were hoping for. Then click the ‘Select Island’ button, which can shut the box and alter the rift portal, so it takes you to a new map rather than the featured Island – expect it to require your time to load in the new map.

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