Fortnite Nutcracker House location: Where to find the Nutcracker House in Chapter 3

Fortnite Nutcracker House location | The iconic Fortnite Nutcracker House location from Fortnite’s initial chapter has created an appearance once more in Chapter three. With a brand-new chapter of Fortnite simply obtaining started, players are still discovering all the secrets and hidden gems of the new island. One amongst these hidden gems is Crackshot’s Cabin β€” AKA β€”the Nutcracker House. Players which {will|that may} realize the Fortnite Nutcracker House location will have an enormous advantage early within the match.

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Fortnite Nutcracker House Location: What’s So Special About The Nutcracker House?

Fortnite Nutcracker House location

The Nutcracker home is a popular landing spot because of the sheer variety of Chests within the condensed location. At the side of the 3 Chests ahead of the Christmas tree, 2 a lot of Chests will spawn within the rafters β€” that is 5 total Chests in barely one tiny house. As a cherry on top, the Nutcracker House location options to bring up Van right outside, therefore you’ll be able to revive any fallen comrades with ease.Β 

Overall, the Nutcracker House offers easy access to top-tier loot without the fierce competition that arises at locations like The Daily Bugle and Coney Crossroads.

Fortnite Nutcracker House Location: Where To Find The Nutcracker House In Chapter 3

Fortnite Nutcracker House location

Despite being a haven for Chests, the Fortnite Nutcracker House location is sort of obscure. The Nutcracker home is simply a speck on the map with no identifying name or marker. To seek out the Nutcracker House and every one the loot within, you’ll have to grasp wherever to appear.

The Nutcracker House location in Fortnite Chapter three is on the western aspect of the island, directly south of Logjam work. The Nutcracker House sits across the lake beside a dock. The home is simply recognizable by the nutcracker statues standing outside. If you walk within and see a Christmas tree enclosed by glowing Chests, you found the correct place.

Now get out there and lay claim to the Nutcracker House before everyone else finds out how prime of a landing spot it is. The Fortnite Nutcracker House location is the perfect area to land for anyone seeking the elusive Fortnite Victory Crown.

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