Fortnite vault locations: Where to find all vaults in Fortnite Chapter 3

Fortnite vault locations | Fortnite vault locations are a touch of a mystery currently that the new Flipped map has born. Fortnite has featured hidden vaults within the battle royale since Chapter a pair of Season a pair of, which has solely continued with the launch of Chapter three, however wherever are these vaults situated on the new map? And the way does one truly open them? We have all the answers for you with our Fortnite vault locations guide.

Fortnite Vault Locations: How To Open A Vault

One of the Fortnite vault locations.

Before you get to seeking out the Fortnite vaults locations, you would like to understand many things concerning the way to open them. For starters, a vault would force at least 2 individuals to open them, thus it’s not possible to open a vault in Solos – unless you get very lucky with another player. Going up to Duos and Trios, you may want 2 then 3 players to stand close to the vault door to open it. There’s not a prompt, simply standing in shut proximity along can do the trick.

Luckily, this trouble is entirely valued it slow, particularly within the early game, as they’ll offer you with a massive assortment of healing things, and weapons of a minimum of rare rating. You will need to go to 1 of the seven Fortnite vaults locations as presently as you’ll be able to. 

Fortnite Vault Locations: East Of The Daily Bugle

One of the Fortnite vault locations shown on a map.

The first of our Fortnite vault locations is found on the east of the Daily Bugle, within the position shown on top of. You may need to head to the tiny compound that’s patrolled by members of The Seven. Coming into the biggest of the buildings, take the spiral stairs all the way down to the vault. 

Fortnite Vault Locations: Island East Of Sanctuary 

One of the Fortnite vault locations shown on a map.

Next up in our Fortnite vault locations, you will need to go south to a set of islands on the terribly east of the map. This may be east of Sanctuary and on the smaller island between 3 longer ones. The building should be virtually a twin of the previous.

Fortnite Vault Locations: South-East Of Chonker’s Speedway

One of the Fortnite vault locations shown on a map.

You’ll be heading to the lowest right corner of the map for following Fortnite vault location. This one are often situated simply south-east of Chonker’s Speedway, on the terribly edge of the water. 

Fortnite Vault Locations: South-West Of Greasy Grove

One of the Fortnite vault locations shown on a map.

For your next Fortnite vault location, you may head over to the other aspect of the island. you may have to head south-west of Greasy Grove, that is additionally the Fortnite Spider-Man location, and be a hill to one more compound patrolled by The Seven. 

Fortnite Vault Locations: North Of Camp Cuddle

One of the Fortnite vault locations shown on a map.

The next of the Fortnite vault locations are often found amongst a wandering stream north of Camp Cuddle. This location is coated in snow and is basically directly north of the Greasy Grove vault. 

Fortnite Vault Locations: South-West Of Coney Crossroads 

One of the Fortnite vault locations shown on a map.

The penultimate Fortnite vault location is often found within the heart of the new Flipped map. You will need to aim for a hill simply south-west of Coney Crossroads, simply next to a lake. Considering the Party transit line, this encompasses a smart potential to be one among the foremost standard Fortnite vault locations. 

Fortnite Vault Locations: North-West Of Logjam Lumberyard

One of the Fortnite vault locations shown on a map.

Last up on our trip across all Fortnite vault locations, we complete the circle of the map by landing in the most north-western corner. Atop a larger hill you will find the final vault north-west of Logjam Lumberyard. Considering its height, it is a great position to gear up and slide down to your enemies quickly, if you were wondering how to earn XP fast in Fortnite

That’s all of the Fortnite vault locations, that’ll have you stocked up and ready to take on anyone in no time. Interested in everything else that Fortnite Chapter 3 has to offer? Check out our other guide to see how the game is changing.

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