Game Pigeon Hacks | Win Every Game With These Simple Tricks [2022]

Game Pigeon Hacks | Here are the simple hacks for Game pigeon games to win each game with your opponents. Well, there’s no got to make a case for what’s Game pigeon and the way to get game pigeon on your iOS or iMessage. You’re here it means you’re already familiar with game pigeon app and sorting out game pigeon cheats and hack to defeat your friends.

Itโ€™s forever fun to play with friends. Particularly after you are winning all of your games and creating fun of them. thus here we are discussing easy and real hacks for game pigeon game.

It is terribly easy to cheat in Game pigeon with these easy Hacks. albeit you’re not a professional. Letโ€™s take a glance at this post to search out of these easy Game pigeon Hacks.

Oh! Iโ€™m telling you itโ€™s fun, I personally use these tricks to win the games against my friend group. thus letโ€™s not come in deep conversation regarding my fun and joy once I applied these hacks to win.

Game pigeon is an iOS app that allows you to play with friends and text them whereas enjoying games. however initial let ME tell you that even if you’re not an iOS user, you’ll also get and play the game pigeon on android.

In this article, I will discuss three games including 8-ball, Man Paulo and Anagrams while the rest of those I had tried hacking them which is completely impossible, but I found a way to hack those three games completely for free, and itโ€™s safe.

Alright, letโ€™s take a look at these simple, effective free hacks for Game Pigeon

Letโ€™s get the real hacks for game pigeon

1. 8 Ball Hack โ€“ Game Pigeon Hacks

Let confuse your friends In 8 ball match on game pigeon, take a look at these tips on behalf of my personal experience:

8 Balls game in game pigeon
Game Pigeon Hacks: Game Pigeon Hack


Well first thing first, you have to make sure that you are the first person to play. After you have reached the final play screen.

On the triangle from your right hand on, aim for the fourth ball only. โ€œONLY AIM FOR THE FOURTH BALL FROM YOUR RIGHTโ€ and slide down your stick power to full to hit.

Two of the balls shall make it to the pot. So thatโ€™s 100% proof that itโ€™s working. Just go ahead and you can play normally


The second tip is you can use a straight object like a ruler or paper or a pencil to find the perfect angle.

This will work for just any shot whether itโ€™s long or short. You just simply have to aim the potting ball and if itโ€™s not aligned. You wonโ€™t be able to make it.

ComeOn! Letโ€™s give it a try, apply these above-mentioned tricks and I bet you will have a lot of fun while playing 8 balls on game pigeon.

2. Mancala โ€“ Game Pigeon Hacks

Mancala -Game Pigeon
Game Pigeon Hacks: Game Pigeon Hack

Now in Mancala, here is my personal experience and the straight point of your verified hacks to win the game and surprise your friends.

First, you need to write down this number 11443414121251 or simply copy it. Thus, once you’ve got it just certify that you simply are the first one to play confirm.

When your friend sends the game, raise him to put โ€œAvalanche Modeโ€ normal or Random. Any mode can add this case, but should be โ€œAvalanche Modeโ€. From the number above simply hit the book’s the first digit that is a โ€œ1โ€.

As you’ll see on the game screen there are one through vi bowls with little balls on the left and also the same on the right side.

Counting from the left bottom is that the variety โ€œ1โ€. Begin from the left bottom bowl that is โ€œ1โ€. There you go. Itโ€™s terribly easy, you just need to tap on the bowl per the number provided above.

Now for an example letโ€™s say the third digit that is โ€œ4โ€. What you’ve got to do is count the bowls from the left bottom and click on the fourth bowl. And there you get a free turn once more.

Now isnโ€™t it the interesting Game Pigeon Hacks that are tried and tested? Happy Winning!

3. Anagrams โ€“ Game Pigeon Hacks

Anagrams game pigeon
Game Pigeon Hacks: Game Pigeon Hack

Whenever I played Anagrams, I usually tried this method to go for a win-win!

There is just one pretty easy method. If you’re using an iPhone you would like to own a second device thus you’ll notice the words to appear at and if you’re sensible at multitasking you’ll use it on the same device. The website is thus letโ€™s begin now.

Make sure to have the above-mentioned website open in your browser if it asks for sign-in, do it. After you reach the game screen, hit the beginning button. Now letโ€™s assume it throws a vi letter word like โ€œI N O P A Sโ€.

You just need to kind these alphabets on, and it’ll show you all the connected searches that contain โ€œI N O P A Sโ€. Voilร ! You’re the winner again! Another one in all the game pigeon hacks is tried and tested. Enjoy

4. Word Hunt โ€“ Game Pigeon Hacks

Word Hunt - game pigeon
Game Pigeon Hacks: Game Pigeon Hack

Okay, thus to win each single time at this tiny game. Simply open the game on your device. Once moving on to the game screen it’ll show you a grid of scrambled alphabets.

All you need to do is navigate to this website

It has a really easy interface thus you wonโ€™t have any downside using it. The website screen shows โ€œEnter your Lettersโ€ simply fill the grid with those alphabets within the same order that are displayed on your deviceโ€™s screen.

What this website can do is it’ll show you the pattern of these words. Keep on pressing enter or area and build the same pattern on your device screen.

If you are already good at the game you could just use the website and get some high-scoring words. Keep Rocking!

5. Darts โ€“ Game Pigeon Hacks

Darts - Game Pigeon Hacks
Game Pigeon Hacks: Game Pigeon Hack

We all love playing Darts and itโ€™s very annoying when you are not able to pull a bullโ€™s eye. LOL. This happens to me. Letโ€™s straight away get to the point.

First of all, you need to go to the [Setting] on your iOS device, then tap on [Accessibility], then tap on [Touch] > [Assistive Touch] > and then [Create a New Gesture].

Just replicate the movement, touch the screen and move it upwards without lifting your thumb or finger.

Remember the gesture should be such as you are sliding your thumb in an upward direction such as you unlock the phoneโ€™s screen. Save this gesture as darts. Certify you’ve got a helpful bit turned on.

Now come on the game screen, open the setting and tap on assistive bit > Custom, and so choose the new gesture you simply saved as darts.

Now try throwing a dart. This one is amazing to urge 25er each time you throw the dart. You simply need to make sure that you simply have saved the custom gesture absolutely. If not, you’ll forever delete and check out saving a new gesture.

6. Cup Pong

Playing Cup Pong in Game pigeon
Game Pigeon Hacks: Game Pigeon Hack

Cup pong is sort of in style and is my favorite in-game pigeon. I want to play cup pong a great deal with my friends. thus here are the hacks that I forever use to defeat my friends.

Oh wait, let me tell you this initial if you ever vie brewage pongs then it’s terribly easy to grasp the principles of the Cup pong game as a result of all the principles are the same for each game. To win the game you want to throw the ball in additional cups than your friends. thus you’re the winner if you’re able to get the highest variety of cup wins.

Now letโ€™s take a look at how you play cup pong and beat your friends. Here are the rules, gameplay, and hacks

Cup Pong rules

  • Cup pong is a multiplayer game so at least 2 players are required to play the game.
  • The player who starts the game will take the first turn.
  • To earn points in the game, make sure you will put the ball into the cups.
  • Each player has only one attempt per turn if they fail to put the ball into the mug. So you have to put the ball into the cup successfully to get consecutive attempts.
  • The player who is able to put the ball in the highest number of cups will be the Winner of the game.

Cup Pong hacks and tips to win the game

  • In the beginning, try to put the ball into the cups with enough power that are in the middle place. Because itโ€™s the easiest spot to shoot the ball, and you do not need any angle.
  • After that, get all the nearest cup first, they are easy to aim, and you can put the ball in easily.
  • Always analyse your throw and preview it before making a turn and throw the ball into the cup. You can also use a ruler to make sure that your aim is right.

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