Halo Infinite campaign missions List

The Halo Infinite campaign missions List illuminates a bit concerning the game’s content and length, with fifteen separate outings taking you across the letter of the alphabet of Halo. For the primary time in Halo history, there’s additionally a semi-open world, therefore players will travel the various missions themselves, not like the rigid mission structure of the past games. For Master Chief’s battle against the banished, you may fight across spaceships, mines, huge bases, and more, therefore here’s the complete Halo Infinite mission list.

Halo Infinite campaign missions List

Halo Infinite campaign missions List
Halo Infinite campaign missions List

There are a total of fifteen separate missions across the Halo Infinite campaign mode, and each one will take you on a quest to vanquish plenty of alien enemies. Halo Infinite campaign missions List are as follows:

  1. Warship Gbraakon
  2. Foundation
  3. Outpost Tremonius
  4. The Tower
  5. Excavation Site
  6. Conservatory
  7. Spire
  8. Pelican Down
  9. The Sequence
  10. Nexus
  11. The Command Spire
  12. Repository
  13. The Road
  14. House of Reckoning
  15. Silent Auditorium

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If you are speculative how to replay missions in Halo Infinite, we have a tendency to even have a guide on the market explaining that this feature is not quite on the market nonetheless, therefore you merely have one probability at doing missions presently.

Beelining straight through the story missions can take you roughly 10 hours across the whole Halo Infinite campaign, however between these are many objectives cluttered round the maps and collectibles to amass in and out of missions. The aspect objectives area unit as follows:

Forward operational Bases (FOBs) – These area unit camps which might be taken and reward you with Halo Infinite valor. Squads – UNSC prisoners that wants saving and work helpful allies. High-Value Targets – Members of the Banished Who are needed by the UNSC, sometimes needed dead. Propaganda Towers – These area unit enemy speakers that you will habitually hear Banished announcements from Spartan Cores – This area unit accustomed upgrade Master Chief’s equipment Mjolnir Armories – Lockers that contain multiplayer cosmetic items ArtifactsΒ  – Archives of Forerunner info

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This is the breakdown of the Halo Infinite mission list and therefore the aspect objectives found between them within the world. For a lot of Halo content and facilitate, we’ve the best Halo Infinite upgrades guide too.

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