Halo Infinite Weapons List: All You Need To Know [2021]

Halo Infinite Weapons List | With the surprise launch announcement of the Halo Infinite beta during the Xbox 20th anniversary stream, it’s time to learn about the tools of destruction the game provides, its suite of weapons. And spoiler alert! There are a LOT of weapons in this game. Here’s all you need to know about the Halo Infinite Weapons List.

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Halo Infinite Weapons List

Halo Infinite Weapons List: All You Need To Know [2021]
Halo Infinite Weapons List: Halo Infinite Weapons: Halo Infinite Weapons

Halo Infinite weapon list includes tried and tested previous classics and a myriad of recent, ne’er seen before guns divided inside the factions that square measure UNSC, Banished and Forerunner. Let’s begin with those we all know and square measure aware of and slowly create our means into the unmapped territories. So, here goes the list of Halo Infinite weapons in alphabetical order.

Assault Rifle

β€œThis is my rifle, this is often my gun.” If there has ever been an associate degree informatics process weapon within the history of video games, it’s the halo machine rifle. Simply a fast peek at this weapon can flash you with visions of its history, importance, significance and every one of the recollections you & I even have created throughout the past twenty years of this legendary franchise. Rather like the sport mode itself, this gun may be someone.

Battle Rifle

Ah, another classic. The halo BR is one amongst the foremost celebrated and idolized weapons amongst the Halo community. Not solely will its three shot burst shred your foes therefore quick that they’re left with their head scratching on what hit them. This is often one amongst the foremost good-feeling and satisfactory weapons to use, and it’s created its impressive returning Infinite.

Bulldog shotgun

Halo games continually had sensible|an honest|a decent small-arm that felt good to fireplace and continually packed a punch. The Bulldog here takes the small-arm game to a different level with its tight package unfold, quick rate of fireplace, fast reload speed and a pile of dead Spartans behind its wielder.


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An interesting new addition to the Halo’s arsenal of weapons. With 2 firing modes, this bomb Launcher fires projectiles that bounce around walls and corners before exploding and within the second mode fires a small missile that itself bounces before exploding. A singular weapon with a learning curve, this GL is nice for choke points and may side your enemies pretty simply.


Remember the DMR? Sadly, that’s not back constant means it wants to be, however the Commando right here is just about its successor. A full automotive vehicle, long-range, scoped rifle(where have I detected that before?), the Commando here will look out of the competition to vary or perhaps in proximity, and supported how briskly this gun fires? American state boy, Red team doesn’t stand a chance!


Since once did the Banished begin feeling little guns? The Disruptor may be a rapid-firing handgun that fires electricity bolts and may disable vehicles as a result of the bolts act as EMP. Not abundant to mention regarding this one because it doesn’t do abundant harm to Spartans, however is a wonderful option to pin vehicles in situ.

Halo Infinite Weapons
Halo Infinite Weapons List: Halo Infinite Weapons: Halo Infinite Weapons

Energy sword

For me, Halo is incomplete while not the energy weapon, as I in person like to charge towards alternative players whereas wielding this blue, shiny boy. Word of recommendation, If you ever see somebody running towards you with this weapon in their hands, you’re dead. Disturbance weapons square measure fun and simple to use, and with this weapon in your hands. You’ll look 10 times cooler, homicide in the field.

Gravity Hammer

Another disturbance weapon and another powerhouse. This hammer scares Maine, on every occasion I see somebody else with it. It’s powerful, absurd, and ominous. If the Energy weapon causes you to look cooler, then the Gravity Hammer causes you to look all the scarier. It’s back, it’s here, and it still acts because the way price tag to causation your enemies into house.


The indiscriminating small-arm from Halo 4&5 makes it come with a distinct look and less attackable practicality. Rather like those games, the projectiles dismissed from this gun ricochet everywhere of the place, this point for much longer. It conjointly comes with two firing modes, one being horizontal and therefore the alternative vertical, that acts far more sort of ancient small-arm. Learn and master this weapon, so watch enemy Spartans crumble in shut vary.

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A launcher that’s a bomb launcher? What? Yea, that’s in all probability the most effective thanks to describe the Hydra, that was 1st introduced in Halo five Guardians. It’s just about constant as what it absolutely was in Halo five, except this one comes with one major upgrade. The traditional hearth mode releases a barrage of little rockets that if dismissed within the general direction of your foe can wreck them, on the opposite hand the lock on mode may be an abundant slower method however can track and chase your foe. An honest weapon overall with far further practicality of course.


The fighter small-arm handgun 20. This is often a preciseness weapon that fires slugs and may do high harm to the pinnacle. The 2 tusks wanting things on its front square measure for show either and are utilized in its disturbance animation. It’s a replacement weapon that isn’t fully new because it retains a small amount of the planning and feel of these Halo three days.


Who doesn’t bear in mind, this tiny rascal? A close-range SMG of types with its prickly needles sound outward that slowly get pushed down and disintegrate as you hearth them. These fires quick, tracks your enemies, so the payload explodes dealing nice harm. However, the Needler gets bonus points from my finish for still being one amongst the coolest-looking weapons ever.

Plasma pistol

The noob jazz group. A phrase similar with the Plasma handgun. Though it doesn’t EMP vehicles any longer, this handgun still charge shots sort of champ, so with one single punch the enemy Spartan are going to be lying on the bottom. Associate degree first love and a friend favourite, it’s smart to ascertain this tiny monster returning for Halo Infinite.

Pulse carbine

The Plasma Rifle and therefore the Covenant rifle have integrated into one during this new Pulse rifle. Rather like the previous Covenant weapons, you’ve got to manage the warmth on this five burst firing automotive vehicle rifle of types. it is a nice possibility for mid-range, it fires slow and includes a little of chase and is candidly a whole package of a weapon.

Rocket Launcher

Boom goes the rocket, pop goes the multiline. This is often a scientific fact! Trust me! This picture launcher still retains its 2 barrels, and something that’s affected directly with its missile or is unlucky enough to face in proximity of the blast are going to be wiped removed from the face of the world. Or the face of the Halo during this case. If you’ve got any information of Halo any, you recognize this weapon, and you recognize that it wants no explaining.

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Sentinel Beam

It’s back! it’s totally different, sounds totally different and functions otherwise than it want to before, and it’s conjointly missing battery and overheat mechanic. However, what it’s now could be crazy Hugh harm that comes from the weaponry you get. Yes, it’s hella recoil this point around, however my god will it deal a full euphemism of a great deal of damage!

Shock Rifle

A heavy rifle that fires bolts of electricity. Though it lacks a correct zoom scope, this rifle remains a viable long-range weapon and may noticeably ammunition a Spartan with an immediate hit to the pinnacle. The shock even spreads across multiple Spartans if they’re standing in proximity, and may do a good little of shock harm to any or all of them. a remarkable addition to mention the smallest amount.

The ammunition wine bottle, this handgun isn’t. A quick firing, high-precision harm dealing secondary weapon if you want? This gun delivers. Granted you’ll be busy victimization the large boy guns on the field, kindly don’t sleep on this one because it’s okay is sort of a decent piece of implements of war in your kit.


I don’t grasp during which example I will work this one. a replacement weapon in Halo Infinite, the skewer, feels like a launcher, functions sort of a rifle and fires Javelins that kill something within the means. Yikes. It pretty several one-shots of something, be it Spartans or vehicles alike, and affirmative it’s terribly shuddery. I’d steer clear from its means if I were you.

Sniper Rifle

Another classic returns in its full glory. I’ll be honest with you, i’m not a rifle guy myself however do I even have recollections of obtaining mapped by this gun from across the map throughout all the Halo games. It’s a rifle. Check. It hits tougher than a truck. Check. And it’s a community favorite. Check! Whenever you employ this gun, simply bear in mind what Thanos aforementioned and select the head!

Stalker Rifle

A long-range covenant DMR, therefore primarily the Covenant rifle, right? Affirmative and no, both. The Stalker Rifle is an element DMR, half rifle thanks to its very capabilities and high harm. The one caveat it comes with is its slow reload time, since it’s a Covenant/Banished weapon it vents out heat to reload which will take a second once you unload its seven shots. Good selection of weapon for top harm at vary, that’s of course.

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You must have seen this blockish wanting red plasma primarily based weapon within the trailers. Doesn’t matter if the solution may be an affirmative or a no, this new plasma bomb launcher thingy isn’t to be trifled with. It fires three spherical bursts which will destroy enemy Spartans in a very single burst if hit directly, so it conjointly includes a charged shot that leaves a flaming pool on the bottom, once exploded. Yup, powerhouse is what this gun is.

These have been all the known, new and old weapons that Halo Infinite has to offer so far. Whenever there’ll be new additions, tweaks, changes or anything else that happens throughout the life cycles of Halo Infinite you can bet we’ll have it covered here at GamerTweak.

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