Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges Not Working Fix [2021]

Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges Not Working Fix | Players of Halo Infinite have recently stumbled upon a problem within the Weekly Challenges that ends up in pursuit not going down properly. Due to this error bug, any progress that you simply build once enjoying weekly challenges fails to register within the game. This implies you would like to stay enjoying over and once more, and this could be terribly frustrating. If you too are one in every of the various who face this downside once enjoying the sport, we’ve got you linedDuring this guide, we are going to show you all the attainable solutions to bring associate finish to the present bug.

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How to Fix Weekly Challenges Not Tracking in Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges Not Working Fix: Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges: Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges Not Working

Join a Random Team in Halo Infinite

One of the attainable solutions to the Weekly Challenges not pursuit issue in Halo Infinite is to do connexion a random team. You ought to try to do thus rather than simply connexion challenges together with your friends. Doing thus would possibly simply end in your progress obtaining half-track.

Restart Halo Infinite to fix Weekly Challenges Not Tracking Issue

Another extremely straightforward fix to require care of the weekly challenges not operating bug in Halo Infinite is to quit the sport then relaunch it. Doing thus would possibly clear up any minor bugs that will be bogging down the sport and solve the error.

Use Challenge Swap Items

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If you continue to notice that your progress isn’t being half-track within the game, your next most suitable choice may be to swap one in every of your challenge things with another one. You’ll ideally choose associate item which will be able to track your progress.

Restart the System

If the on top of solutions don’t do the trick, you’ll be able to try and merely restart your console or computer. Doing thus would possibly correct any problems by clearing clogging apps running within the background.

Check for Updates

Another nice possibility is to seem for updates. Since the sport remains new, you’ll be able to expect many patches and updates for any bugs and errors. We tend to conjointly suggest you scrutinize the official Halo Support Page on Twitter for the most recent news concerning updates, patches, and game news.

Re-install Halo Infinite to fix Weekly Challenges not working

If all else fails, you would possibly don’t have any alternative possibility however to uninstall Halo Infinite then re-install it once more. Once you are doing thustry to relaunch Halo and check for the not pursuit issue. You’ll presumably not have to be compelled to follow this step, as you’ll be able to expect a fix within the style of associate update.

So there you have got it. These are all the fixes for the Weekly Challenges not tracking/working properly issue in Halo Infinite. As you’ll be able to see, since this can be a developer-related issue, you’ll be able to expect a fix for it before long.

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