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Hearthstone Deck Tier List (January 2022)

If you are searching for the Hearthstone Deck Tier List then might be this the best Place for you, Here you can find most specific Hearthstone Deck Tier List. Through this List You can easily find Deck name. Scroll down to see the Hearthstone Deck Tier list of january 2022.

Hearthstone could be a digital game developed by Blizzard recreation that’s designed round the lore of Warcraft. In stone, you face another player during a turn-based battle with a deck of thirty cards. Every of those cards has distinctive talents & powers.

Some cards ar terribly powerful and ar the middle of their decks whereas alternative cards ar accustomed to support those cards. There ar differing types of Decks in stone and every are often tailored to suit the Players’ play vogue. The META around these Decks of stone changes each therefore usually. therefore in today’s guide, I will be able to show you the best stone Deck Tier List.

Hearthstone Deck Tier List

Hearthstone Deck Tier ListDeck Name
SQuest Warrior
SLibram Paladin
SBeast Druid
SFreeze Elemental Shaman
AAggro Druid
AAggro Elemental Shaman
ABeast Hunter
ABolner OTK Shaman
ABuff Paladin
AClown Druid
ADeathrattle Demon Hunter
AElemental Shaman
AFace Hunter
AFreeze Shaman
APing Mage
APoison Rogue
AQuest Hand Warlock
AQuest Rogue
AQuest Shaman
AThief Rogue
BBear Hunter
BBig Paladin
BBig Demon Hunter
BBig Spell Mage
BFel Demon Hunter
BHandbuff Paladin
BMozaki OTK Mage
BQuest Hunter
BQuest Paladin
BRamp Druid
BSecret Thief Rogue
CAnacondra Druid
CBig Priest
CBurn Shaman
CControl Warlock
CC’Thun Druid
CMiracle Priest
CNo Minion Mage
COwlTK Warlock
CQuest Druid
CQuest Mage
CQuest Priest
CQuest Warlock
CZoo Warlock
Hearthstone Deck Tier List

As we are able to see within the stone Tier List, S-Tier has the most effective decks in stone at the instant wherever every of them has over 55% Win rate with Quest someone has a 59.08% win rate. The A-Tier within the List consists of nice Decks in stone therefore you can’t get it wrong in selecting them. The B-Tier within the List consists of good Decks in stone. They’re not the most effective nor the worst. C-Tier consists of the Worst Decks potential apart from random and unhealthy decks.

What are the Types of Decks?

Like other online digital collectible card games, there are a few types of Decks that each deck in Hearthstone will come under. Those are Aggro Decks, Midrange Decks, & Control Decks. Each of the above Hearthstone Decks in the Tier List falls in one of these categories.

  • Aggro Decks:
    • These Decks are aggressive Decks that apply pressure to the enemy from the first game. Usually, these decks are low-cost and that they are meant to overwhelm the enemy Strats. If done properly, you’ll win a game in a very comparatively short time.
  • Control Decks:
    • They are the whole opposite of aggravation decks. management Decks area unit slow-paced consisting of significant Mana cards and tons of Spells and result cards to deny and counter the enemy’s gameplan.
  • Midrange Decks:
    • These Decks fall somewhere in between the primary 2 varieties. they’re not that quick however aren’t the slowest either. it’s excellent for dirt Management and getting off the Board.

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