spacer 1 Year Old Letter From Phixion 1 Year Old Letter From Phixion: Phew, we have a tendency to created it! now last year we have a tendency to were pressing the go-live button on and that we may never have notional what proportion that was aiming to modification our lives.

The original plan for transpire back in could last year after I was a mod for HH once he initial started streaming on Twitch. we have a tendency to were aiming to build a website to spice up his whole exposure and presumably place some merch and things like that on the method. 1 Year Old Letter From Phixion

when we have a tendency to eventually got around to beginning to incorporate Sep 2020 throughout the ordinal UK imprisonment we determined that if we were aiming to build a website, it required to be quite that, it required to be a resource for the community to permit folks to travel additional than simply the knowledge that we have a tendency to had on the YouTube channel. 1 Year Old Letter From Phixion.

So we have a tendency to start…Hellhades, myself, and our developer (at the time) Jamie Sabbatum for hours mapping out what we have a tendency to needed to try to do with the location, and Jamie and that I got started on creating the thought a reality. 1 Year Old Letter From Phixion

During the build, we have a tendency to quickly accomplished that we have a tendency to had taken on a project that, to urge finished before Christmas would be nearly not possible as a 2-3 person job. we have a tendency to roped in woman H, Tacco, Neva, Umbral Darkness, and Rose to assist America create it happen and while not their support ahead of time there’s no method that we’d are ready to launch as we have a tendency to do. 1 Year Old Letter From Phixion 1 Year Old Letter From Phixion

After fixing 16+ hours every day building out champion pages, building the initial tier list, member functions, and our Christmas advent calendar we have a tendency to were able to go live to tell the tale Gregorian calendar month 1st!

I can say that if you ever work with Hell Hades and you tell him that β€œlet’s place {they have a tendency tobsite|the website} stomach the arrival calendar and that we can slowly let the traffic change thus we are able to ensure the live server is stable”…you will quickly perceive that he will take that as β€œSo I ought to place a video out that essentially says FREE STUFF!?” – therefore the soft-launch essentially consisted of you guys doing naughty the location each 10Β mins for the first three days till we had upgraded it enough to truly handle the strain!

During now, we have a tendency to were introduced to Teach, WHO had been performing on his version of the optimizer however was at some extent wherever he was getting to drop the project because it wasn’t obtaining any traction and when seeing what proportion of work he had already place in with none reward HH and that I approached him regarding America serving to him to enhance the user expertise and build out the tool into one thing that would be mass adopted across the raid community. 1 Year Old Letter From Phixion

Teach came on board with America as a partner on the location and along we have a tendency to designed what you guys currently recognize because the Raid Optimizer.

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Shortly when the optimiser we have a tendency tont live the website exploded to levels that we simply couldn’t believe, and it’s continued to grow each month since permitting America to use a full-time team of individuals dedicated to making content and tools to assist you get the foremost out of it slow enjoying the sport.

Many of you from the twitch community can recognize that I in person suffered a significant loss in June this year as my girlfriend passed on to the great beyond effort Pine Tree State one father of two kids, having the support of this community, my colleagues at HH play, and my dream job to specialize in allowed Pine Tree State to urge through one in every of the toughest times of anyone’s life, and though it’ll still take time to essentially heal, it’s as a result of our community and users that I’m ready to keep doing what I do on a daily basis. 1 Year Old Letter From Phixion

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If you’re taking something out of reading this post then let it’s that if you’re willing to place within the work and surround yourself with sensible folks then something is feasible, and that we reside proof of that nowadays. 1 Year Old Letter From Phixion

I want to mention a really special many thanks to some members of the team:

Jamie, DaTeach, Lady H, Neva, Lockers, Tacco, Ubral and Rose for serving to America through those early stages as a result of while not you the location would never have launched because it did. 1 Year Old Letter From Phixion

Georgina for stepping sure many months to assist America with a number of the difficult development on the location, you Rock!

Saphyrra, I actually have no plan however we have a tendency to managed while not you being a locality of the team thus please don’t go anyplace and keep doing what you do!

Lockers and Neva for being the face of content and social media on the HH play sites, you guys work your asses off each single day!

Our superb Takeover Team: Sophia, Rust, Ron, Neva, ColdBrew, Elvo, and last SkratchAK47 I don’t assume enough folks perceive the magic that you just square measure ready to turn out on these takeovers and training each day!

Wolfie, DaTeach and Saphyrra for the technical talent you apply to the optimizer and tolerance you’ve got for operating with mine and HellHades’s we have a tendency toird and rattling requests square measure method on the far side something we may ever raise of you!

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Lady H for continued to place up with Pine Tree State and HH arising with crazy ideas!

HellHades… You created all of this potential and still be the foremost hard-working, positive, and psychological feature person I actually have ever had the pleasure to figure with.

And finally, YOU – The community reading this post. you’re the explanation we have a tendency to push to be the simplest we are able to be and make the sort of content we have a tendency to do to repay you, but we are able to for your support! The Raid Shadow Legends community is like nothing I actually have seen before in any game. you ought to all be proud to be members of this community as a result of along you create it what it’s.

So…… Enough of the sappy stuff! I will be able to go back to the basement and begin performing on 2022 for HH play as a result of I promise you currently if you thought 2021 was huge, we have a tendency to square measure simply obtaining STARTED! 1 Year Old Letter From Phixion

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