How Do You Get Lubricant In Starfield?

How Do You Get Lubricant In Starfield?

Are you searching for How Do You Get Lubricant In Starfield? In the vast expanse of Starfield, resources are plentiful, and resource collection is paramount for your galactic adventure. Whether you’re constructing outposts, crafting weapon and armor mods, or pursuing other endeavors, resource gathering is the key to customization and progress. While some resources are elusive, others are more readily available.

Crafting plays a pivotal role in Starfield, offering you the freedom to shape your journey as you see fit. Exploration reaps rich rewards, outweighing any risks you may encounter. Lubricant is just one of the valuable resources tucked away in Starfield, and it’s not always straightforward to locate.

What Is Lubricant?

Lubricant, a valuable resource in Starfield, is a versatile substance employed for crafting and enhancing outposts. Acquiring lubricant expands your options when establishing structures on distant planets and moons, as well as when upgrading your equipment. Additionally, lubricant serves as a catalyst for researching new technologies and upgrades, enabling you to craft a wider array of essential items in the game.

Where to Find Lubricant?

In Starfield, resource collection primarily involves two methods: purchasing components from vendors or obtaining them through your own efforts. Both approaches have their merits, with the more suitable option contingent on your playstyle.

Buying from Vendors | How Do You Get Lubricant In Starfield?

How Do You Get Lubricant In Starfield?

You have the option to procure lubricant from vendors like Amoli at Jemison Mercantile. These vendors maintain a consistent supply that replenishes periodically, allowing you to purchase their entire stock, wait for it to refresh, and repeat the process until you amass the desired quantity.

However, a drawback to this method is that acquiring resources through purchases can rapidly deplete your credits. If your funds are running low, this might not be the most practical route for securing your materials. An alternative solution is becoming a UC Class One Citizen, which grants substantial discounts on United Colony goods, thus conserving your credits for more pressing expenditures.

Farming Lubricant with Animal Husbandry

Another avenue for obtaining lubricant is by harvesting it from various creatures. An effective strategy is to visit Beta Marae I, where you can locate Herding Beetlecrab Grazers. These creatures drop lubricant when defeated, making them a prime source of this resource.

Alternatively, you can establish an outpost and an animal husbandry facility to breed Beetlecrabs, ensuring a sustainable supply of lubricant. Keep in mind that, without the use of mods, you can maintain only eight active outposts simultaneously. The Deciduous Forest biomes are teeming with these beetles, so equip your preferred gear and venture forth to gather the materials you need. How Do You Get Lubricant In Starfield?

In Starfield, every resource you gather, including lubricant, plays a pivotal role in your journey. So, whether you choose to purchase it or harvest it through animal husbandry, securing this vital resource will undoubtedly aid you in your galactic adventures.

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