How many first dose missions are there in GTA 5

How many first dose missions are there in GTA 5

How many first dose missions are there in GTA 5? GTA Online’s Los Santos Drug Wars update brings a burst of adrenaline and a dash of trippy chaos with the Fooliganz and their mind-altering concoction, “Acid Lab.” The First Dose missions plunge players into a neon-soaked adventure, where they navigate the unpredictable world of the Fooliganz. If you’re eager to know just how many first dose missions await you, buckle up for a psychedelic journey through Los Santos.

Overview and Mission Order | how many first dose missions are there

The First Dose missions, introduced in the Los Santos Drug Wars update, comprise a series of six contact missions. From “Welcome to the Troupe” to the thrilling climax of “Off the Rails,” players team up in groups of up to four to tackle diverse challenges. Each mission offers a unique setting, varying fail conditions, and a taste of the criminal underworld.

  1. Welcome to the Troupe
  2. Designated Driver
  3. Fatal Incursion
  4. Uncontrolled Substance
  5. Make War Not Love
  6. Off the Rails

How To Start the First Dose Missions in GTA 5 Online:

Commence your journey by answering a call from Ron Jakowsk, leading you to Ace Liquor in Sandy Shores. There, you’ll meet Dax, the gang leader with grand plans for the city’s drug trade. An attack by The Lost MC sets the stage for your involvement. Following a successful defense, your mission begins with retrieving Dax’s stolen Journey II from Millar’s Fishery Co over the Alamo Sea.

Six Steps to Acid Alchemy:

  1. Welcome to the Troupe: Ace Liquor welcomes you to the Fooliganz’ fold, setting the stage for psychedelic shenanigans.
  2. Designated Driver: Navigate a police-infested maze while transporting volatile chemicals, requiring precision driving and quick thinking.
  3. Fatal Incursion: Execute a stealthy heist on the enemy turf, the Chem Lab, pilfering essential ingredients without tripping alarms.
  4. Uncontrolled Substance: Navigate chemical chaos as the production line goes haywire, dodging spills and ensuring the acid keeps flowing.
  5. Make War Not Love: Engage in a psychedelic street brawl as the Fooliganz clash with rivals, the Vagos, claiming their turf.
  6. Off the Rails: Experience the climax with a trippy train heist, grabbing valuable supplies amidst mind-bending illusions.

Beyond the First Taste:

Completing the First Dose missions unlocks the “Last Dose” storyline, delving deeper into the Fooliganz’ secrets and confronting the mysterious Mr. Rubio. With five thrilling missions in this next chapter, the psychedelic saga in Los Santos spans a total of 11 captivating missions. For more information, visit google.

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