How To Complete Sowing Discord In Starfield

How To Complete Sowing Discord In Starfield

How To Complete Sowing Discord In Starfield? Test your persuasion skills in “Sowing Discord,” the fifth chapter of the Ryujin Industries faction quests in Starfield. Following your acquisition of the security keycard in the previous mission, “Access Is Key,” your next objective is to disrupt a potential deal between two rival corporations: Infinity LTD and Quantum Synergies.

Your mission involves visiting the Astral Lounge within the Trade Tower in Neon City and convincing the Quantum Synergies representatives to reconsider their deal with Infinity LTD. Imogene, your contact, emphasizes the need for absolute discretion during this mission, and your actions should avoid causing fatalities or attracting media attention.

How To Complete Sowing Discord In Starfield?

Prepare and Persuade the Quantum Synergies Representatives

To assist you in this mission, Imogene provides you with a Fitted Business Suit that grants a +10 percent Persuasion Chance. While you can wear any attire when conversing with the representatives, the suit enhances your persuasion abilities.

You’ll need to speak with two Quantum Synergies representatives: Executive Director Zola Adisa and Financial Manager Arthur Cruz. Each of them has distinct personalities and motivations. Imogene has provided you with dossiers that highlight key talking points based on their individual characteristics.

While the quest labels this step as optional, it is strongly recommended to read the dossiers to effectively guide your conversations with Zola and Arthur, influencing them against the deal.

After donning your new suit, head to the Astral Lounge and engage in conversations with the representatives. If you’ve reviewed the dossiers, you can employ the talking points during the persuasion process.

Failing to persuade either Zola or Arthur will result in the mission’s failure, so it’s advisable to save your game before engaging with them.

Swap Nina Heart’s Presentation

Once you’ve successfully instilled doubt in the Quantum representatives regarding the deal with Infinity LTD, your next task is to replace Nina Hart’s Infinity presentation with a counterfeit one.

Nina Hart is the designated Infinity representative scheduled to meet with Zola and Arthur. She has prepared a presentation for them, but your goal is to substitute it with a fake presentation provided by Imogene. This fake presentation will reveal discrepancies that cast Infinity in a negative light and make Quantum reconsider the deal. How To Complete Sowing Discord In Starfield?

You’ll find Nina’s presentation in the VIP booth of the Astral Lounge. Use a digipick to unlock the door, access the booth, and replace the presentation with the counterfeit one provided by Imogene.

Return to Imogene at Ryujin Tower | How To Complete Sowing Discord In Starfield

With your mission accomplished, return to Ryujin Tower where Imogene awaits your report. Inform her of your successful persuasion and presentation swap. Imogene will commend your efforts with a bonus reward of 10,000 credits. Additionally, she may offer you more assignments for the future.

Prepare for your next endeavors in the world of Starfield, and don’t forget to check out the best starting traits for your character.

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