How To Easily Stick Soundproof Foam to a Door [2021]

How To Easily Stick Soundproof Foam to a Door | If you reside in a flat you live with thin walls or need some additional privacy from your roommates, soundproofing your door will create a large distinction.

The good news is soundproofing your area is simple, and you’ll be able to have it away by sticking soundproof foam to your door. You’ll be able to do this by using command strips.

Here’s how you can apply soundproof foam to your door using command strips:

  • Buy high-quality command strips
  • Measure the door’s dimensions and cut the foam. 
  • Put the command strips at the center of each foam piece. 
  • Stick the back of the foam to your door.

This article can demonstrate in additional detail the way to stick soundproof foam to your door with command strips, alongside aΒ  few alternative soundproofing alternatives that you just could be fascinated by.Β 

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How To Easily Stick Soundproof Foam to a Door

1. Buy High-Quality Command Strips

As with the rest you get, you get what you get. It’s best to invest a bit additional to get good-quality command strips that’ll stick with your door and not fall off simply. Luckily, command strops are readily accessible on-line, and in physical stores, therefore you should have no downside finding some.

I recommend the Command Large Picture Hanging Strips (available on Based on the reviews, the strips stick well. These robust and versatile strips are available in a pack of fourteen, therefore you should have masses to spare for long-run use.Β 

2. Measure the Door’s Dimensions and Cut the Foam

To measure the door’s dimensions, you’ll be able to use a measuring tape. Once you have got its dimension and length, begin cutting up the foam to suit the door. You’ll cut the foam into one giant piece or multiple smaller ones.Β 

However, most soundproof foam comes in smaller items, therefore certify you have got enough command strips for all of them.

When it involves acoustic foam, I like to recommend going with the New Level 6 Pack- Acoustic Panels (also accessible on for the duty. They’re reasonable and may work the door utterly. The merchandise is formed within the USA and tested within the CAL 117-2013 procedure.

3. Put the Command Strips at the Center of Each Foam Piece

Once you have got the foam items prepared, it’s time to attach the command strips at the center of the rear of every foam piece. Betting on the scale of the foam, you’ll need to use multiple command strips to form certain that they don’t fall off.

ROB HIPP has an excellent video explaining how to do this:

How To Easily Stick Soundproof Foam to a Door: Stick Soundproof Foam to a Door

4. Stick the Back of the Foam to Your Door

Finally, stick the rear of every foam piece to your door. The command strips have a robust adhesive that should cling o.k… Align the foam items to the door and gently press them to make sure they’re stable.

You must avoid victimisation the door within the 1st number of hours till the adhesive will its magic and is firmly connected to the door.

Why Using Command Strips Is the Best Option

While using adhesive or nails to stay the foam to your door may be a viable possibility, particularly if you’re getting to keep the foam connected for a long time, these choices will injury your door and cause issues if you ultimately attempt to take the foam off. 

How To Easily Stick Soundproof Foam to a Door [2021]
How To Easily Stick Soundproof Foam to a Door: Stick Soundproof Foam to a Door
How To Easily Stick Soundproof Foam to a Door: Stick Soundproof Foam to a Door
How To Easily Stick Soundproof Foam to a Door: Stick Soundproof Foam to a Door

Before learning the way to attach acoustic/soundproof foam to your door, certify you get high-quality foam that’ll do a decent job at keeping out noise. 

Since nails and adhesive will injury your door, using command strips would be way more economical. They’re a lot of easier to put in, and you’ll be able to quickly take away them if you don’t need the foam any longer. In addition, they permit you the pliability to connect the soundproof foam only you wish it.

Other Methods for Attaching Soundproof Foam

Here are another strategies you’ll be able to try to attach the soundproofing foam. Confine mind that these could cause long-run changes/damage to your door. The strategies are as follows:

  • Use adhesive spray: Using associate adhesive spray is another simple thanks to install foam on your door. Spray the adhesive on the backside of the foam and press it onto the door. Attempt to not move the door too much right when putting in it to dry the adhesive.
  • Try using robust double-sided tape: A double-sided tape could be higher for avoiding injury to your door. Stick one aspect of the tape to the rear of the foam, and press the opposite aspect to the door. This methodology is extremely just like the command strips.
  • Use pushpins: Pushpins can cause the most injury to your door, however they could be a decent possibility if you’re trying to find a permanent soundproofing answer. You’ll need to push the pins through the foam, so that they will penetrate the door.

Other Ways To Soundproof a Door

Sticking foam to your door could be the simplest soundproofing method, however it’s off from the foremost effective one. Here are another ways that you’ll be able to soundproof a door and see additional noticeable results: 

Increase Door Mass

The key to creating a door additional soundproof is increasing its mass. Whereas acoustic foam is effective, it’s conjointly fairly light-weight, therefore you’ll need to use one thing heavier to maximise soundproofing.Β 

For example, you’ll be able to use a heavy-duty weather door curtain. These curtains are fairly heavy, and in contrast to foam, are designed to be put in on doors, that makes them tons easier to line up.

I recommend the YYHJ Thermal Insulated Door Curtain. It’s not too overpriced and can keep your area hotter during season.Β 

Block All Door Openings

Unlike exterior doors, interior ones tend to possess area at all-time low, sides, and typically round the door handle. Noise will simply travel through these openings, therefore you’d be shocked with what quantity of a distinction it’d create to hide them. 

You can get artistic and use home things like blankets. For the underneath door, you’ll be able to use the Everlasting Comfort Under Door Draft Stopper from It’s thicker than most similar products, therefore you’ll be able to expect to visualize sensible improvement simply from applying this to your door.Β 

Is Acoustic Foam the correct answer for soundproofing?

Acoustic foam isn’t the correct (or best) answer for soundproofing. whereas adding acoustic foam to doors or walls can most likely absorb sound and create the area slightly additional soundproof, there might not be a lot of noticeable improvement.

If you wish to boost your room’s soundproofing considerably, you’ll would like a bigger construction project.


The easiest and least damaging thanks to install soundproof foam to your door is by victimisation command strips. A double-sided tape is additionally an analogous possibility. For long-run use, you’ll be able to install the foam with push pins. 

Note that acoustic foam isn’t the foremost effective soundproofing possibility. For higher results, you’ll need to seem into increasing the doors’ mass and canopy any openings that create it easier for noise to travel in and out of your area.

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