How to Get Greedy Ring Faster

How to Get Greedy Ring Faster | In this guide I’ll tell you ways to induce greedy ring quicker and don’t any pirate farms or sit up for 33-37 pirate invasions, that ar written on wiki as a warranted thanks to dig.


Greedy ring could be a helpful item, that enables you to induce cash for offensive enemies, get discounts for getting stuff from NPCs and most significantly modify your weapons and accessories cheaper.

In most guides on YouTube they merely get by staying AFK for pretty very long time, building farms to auto-kill pirate invasions, however my methodology is quite easier, still it uses many exploits, they’re all allowed in game, therefore there’s no drawback.

Gold Ring

How to Get Greedy Ring Faster
How to Get Greedy Ring Faster

Greedy ring are often crafted, mistreatment three accessories , and gold ring is that the 1st of them. The unhealthy issue that in contrary to different two , this one is frequently lawfully obtained by routine farming, tho’ it’s got the largest drop possibilities and may be found on 5-7 invasion. To start out the invasion, you wish a Pirate map, that is born by any enemy, killed at intervals or near to associate Ocean throughout Hard mode.

The easiest thanks to dig, is to kill fishes, lure enemies at night/solar eclipse/blood moon close to water and kill get some maps from them. Don’t waste all maps , you’ll would like only 1, to 100 percent acquire to different things.

Lucky Coin and Discount Card

These two involve nearly no grinding, still, you need to make some preparations.

Things you got to prepare:

  • 1) Bed(any, pirates sometimes drop golden bed if you don’t have one)
  • 2) ten gold coins (not very that abundant to induce 2 hundredth discount every reforge)
  • 3) One pirate map
  • 4) Sextant(completely optional)
  • 5) Voodoo guide doll(if you have got one, skip to III)

The easiest way to get voodoo doll is to start a new world, for the worthy. The thing is, that there all demons drop dolls, cause there don’t spawn those, who don’t. Just create a new world, in the seed section you just write β€œfor the worthy” , and seek in underworld, until you find one. The world is better made small, so that it takes you less time to create it. This won’t take more than 5-6 minutes.

If you got all, what’s mentioned on top of, it’s time to form a brand-new world for once more. This point use seed β€œ05162011”. This can permit you to induce bound authority, princess, however she really differs from one you have got in your world(if you do). Once you entered this world, get a minimum of two hundred blocks or beyond spawn purpose, build there a house and invite aristocrat there. Once her arrival, return to spawn purpose, begin associate invasion with a map and defeat it. Unless you create a house , pirates will really kill an aristocrat and he or she can be nΓ©’er respawn.

After you defeated pirates move to your aristocrat , place bed somewhere wherever it’s safe, and sit up for a day(waiting in bed makes in-game time run five times faster), therefore you’ll be able to get Discount Card, and then different two days to induce Lucky Coin, five gold coins every. Waiting can solely take thirteen minutes of reality time.

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