How to Make a Video Intro That Will Get You Noticed

Videos have become the best way to reach maximum audiences in the last few years.

Videos are engaging, enjoyable, and proven to be much more informative. People now spend so much time watching videos on social media; they prefer videos over other content. Their attention spans are getting shorter, and that’s why videos are ideal because they can consume so much more information within a short time.

Creating videos is a task that takes a lot of effort because you have to manage various aspects of the whole process – from planning scripts, shooting, and editing, to making sure they get enough reach. There are so many things to handle; you need the right camera equipment, good lighting, flawless editing, and more. And all the hard work will eventually pay off when you grab your audience’s attention in the first few seconds of your video. And for that, you need to focus on making an intro for your videos that stands out. Fortunately, an intro maker can make your journey smooth.

This article will help you with ideas on making a video intro that will get you noticed.

What is a Video Intro?

A video intro is the first thing that a viewer sees when they click on your video. Intro usually consists of a short title screen or a voiceover with texts and graphics that gives the viewer an idea about the content of your video. Your video’s intro is your chance to make a good impression on your audience. It’s pretty similar to meeting someone for the first time – your behavior in the first couple of seconds is what influences how they feel about you. 

An intro can set your video apart from other videos on the internet; it sets your video’s mood, expectations, and overall vibe. For example, if you click on a video that shares tips on last-minute exam hacks. You will be more eager to watch the entire video if you see stationeries, good graphics, suitable tunes, and a few stills from the video in the first few seconds. 

Why is A Video Intro Important?

Making a good intro that will make the viewers watch the entire video isn’t the simplest task, but the hard work does pay off. Here are some of the main reasons you must give special attention to your video’s intro.

Tips to Make A Video Intro to Get You Noticed

You can’t just create a basic title sequence as an intro using intro maker. The first few seconds are the most crucial, and being careless about this part might make you lose so many viewers in the middle. So, what are the ways to make an intro that will impress your viewers? Read on to find out.

The Intro Sets Viewer Expectations

A person doesn’t click on all the videos they notice online; few things set expectations for them even before they start watching the video. The thumbnail and title of the video play an important role to reach the right audiences. Now when they are impressed with the title and thumbnail you have chosen, you have to make sure that the viewer gets an idea of how the rest of the video is going to be after watching the first few seconds. This is where the importance of a video intro lies.

Intro Catches the Viewer’s Attention

Even the most enjoyable and informative video can be a flop if the beginning is boring. Most people don’t have enough time to stay and see what happens when they watch further, they will simply move on to another video. A video with a good intro will show the viewer the things they cannot afford to miss out on, and if your content is good enough, you will also gain a new subscriber. 

Intro Makes Your Content Unique

If you watch the top video creators on online platforms, you will notice that each of them has a different style of intro. Their intro is one of the things that make their content recognizable. Most of them create one intro and use them at the beginning of their videos. This is the best way to make your content stand out from the crowd because you get to promote your name, logo, your channel’s overall vibe, and so much more.

Be Mindful of the Length of Your Intro

Yes, video intros are crucial, but that doesn’t mean that an intro has to be half as long as your video. The best suggestion for intros falls between the 3-7 second mark. However, if you want to include more in your intro, you can make it up to 20-30 seconds long. The main thing is to make your intro as long as it needs to be, only focus on the key points of your channel and video. So, you have to ensure that you provide your viewers with enough information about your channel and the video within a short time.

Brand Your Intro for a Sound-Off Viewing Experience

The new updates of social media platforms do a great job of automatically getting the video to play in users’ feeds to draw their attention, but it’s often with sound off. So, you have to ensure that you are making something that viewers can understand even when they are not in a state of watching the video with sound on. For that, you will need to be mindful about the setup of your video, include your logo, use a unique color palette, and make the intro memorable so that the viewer can find it later on when they are in the right place to watch with sound. This is how you brand your content and make it easier to find. To utilize this tip, intro makers available online can be of great help. Using an intro maker, you will be able to include your logo, set up a unique color palette, and so on. 

Be Clear and Concise

One of the most common mistakes that video creators make is that they take way too long to get to the point. They save the best part of the video for the end, forgetting about the audience’s short attention span. It’s better to start the video by stating the topic of discussion. This part should be included in the intro so that the viewers know what they are investing their valuable time on.

Use the Right Music

Music plays a very crucial part in videos, especially in intros. Some videos may not require any music, especially when it’s an interview, discussion, or tutorial. But using music in the intro can never be a bad idea. Instead, using music based on the vibe of the video will help viewers understand the mood of the video better. To put music in the intro, you can use an online intro maker. Just make sure to select music that is free from copyrights. 


Creating videos takes so much time and effort, and all your hard work deserves recognition. To take your videos to the next level, intros are a must. Make engaging intro videos for your video content today and make your viewers love your content even more.

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