How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2 | If you are a veteran of Destiny, you already know what the Vex Mythoclast is and how dominant of a weapon it is but for the new guardians out there this is a guide on how to get Vex Mythoclast in Destiny 2.

How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

To unlock the Vex Mythoclast in Destiny 2, you have to beat Vault Of Glass, get lucky.

Now, hereโ€™s the elaborate answer.

The Mythoclast was the first-ever raid exotic back in Destiny 1 rewarded through pure RNG from its first-ever raid The Vault Of Glass. Vex is a fusion rifle, that fires like an auto rifle, uses primary ammo, and destroys everything. Its perk allows it to turn into a Linear Fusion rifle for three shots once you get 6 kills in PvE and 2 kills in PvE. This thing is a monster and one of the coolest-looking weapons in Destiny. VOG returned remastered in Destiny 2 during Season Of The Splicer or Season 14 and was free-to-play for all players. How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

The raid came back with its set of rewards with a few exceptions left out. One of those returning rewards is the crown jewel of the vault, The Vex Myhoclast. You can play the raid as many times as you like, but the rewards are locked after the first completion of each encounter, once per week, per character.

So, if you have three characters you get three chances at getting the Mythoclast per week. You only get it from beating Atheon (the final boss) and it drops as an exotic (yellow) engram, So once you have beaten Atheon and you see an Exotic engram lying on the ground next to the chest, then congratulations, you nabbed yourself The Mythoclast. If not, better luck next week I guess! Just to reiterate, itโ€™s pure RNG, thereโ€™s no definitive way of getting the gun, no summoning ritual you can perform, nothing. How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

Just beat the raid and hope you get it this run but trust me itโ€™s well worth the effort. It took 28 runs for yours truly before I got my own, so yeah, depending on how lucky or unlucky you are, this can take a minute. Finally, since it drops only from Atheon, you can nab the final checkpoint and just go and beat him up and not finish the entire raid from start to finish.

How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

The catalyst once non-heritable and completed, masterworks the gun which suggests it will generate orbs on multi kills and provides it a kill huntszman thus you’ll be able to flex on what percentage kills you’ve got with aforementioned weapon. To amass the catalyst, you need to have the gun 1st then hop back to VOG. Throughout the raid, youโ€™ll notice five hidden plates which will solely be activated if you’re holding the gun. Once you stand on every plate oracles can spawn that youโ€™ll need to destroy within the same order that they spawn. How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

The oracles require to be destroyed quickly and area unit unfold across wide thus ensure you guide your team and tell them to shoot aforementioned oracles in an exceedingly specific order. Whenever you with success shoot the oracles youโ€™ll see a prompt at all-time low left of the screen that reads โ€œa refrain whispers from deeper among the vaultโ€. Every plate can get more and more durable with the fifth one being the toughest thus Iโ€™d advocate searching for a video guide. That essentially is that the gist of obtaining the Vex Mythoclast and its catalyst in Destiny two. How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

Finally, since the raid is associate endgame challenge I wonโ€™t get into in depth detail for the way to beat every encounter, however, Iโ€™ll provide you with a quick rationalization of every encounter super quickly.

Opening the Vault | How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

There area unit 3 plates on the left, middle and right aspect during this gap space. Divide your fireteam into teams of 2 and stand on every several plates along with your partner. Once the plate is glowing absolutely, you’ll be able to hop off. currently all you’ve got to try to do is killed the enemies that spawn and ensure that the Praetorian(the minotaur) doesnโ€™t tread on the plate for even a second. Rank the Praetorian, keep killing enemies for long enough, and anticipate the steeple to make within the middle thus you’ll be able to enter the Vault.

Confluxes | How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

The first official encounter of the raid. Youโ€™ll bump into a part called the Templarโ€™s well wherever youโ€™ll be payment quite your time. Equip your best gear, place the rally banner and jump right down to begin the encounter. Similar to the door gap this space is split into 3 sections, the middle, left and right, and you’ve got to divide into groups of 2 and defend every space. Enemies can keep spawning, and you simply need to kill them and ensure they donโ€™t sacrifice themselves on the blending you’re defensive.

Thereโ€™ll be 3 waves. The primary one can spawn the center blending. The second can spawn the proper and left blending. The third are going to be all 3 confluxes. And again, this one ainโ€™t that troublesome as all you’ve got to try to do is killed stuff and ensure they donโ€™t sacrifice themselves at the blending. How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

Oracles | How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

Same room, completely different story. Shoot the floating box to begin the encounter and once more, within the left middle, and right(I am sensing a pattern here) you’ll be able to divide your groups or strive completely different alignments here, no damage done. In this point tiny glowy cubes(oracles) can spawn. 3 on left, 3 on right, one within the middle. Every oracle corresponds to a music note and that they all should be destroyed within the same order they spawn. How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

If you destroy the order youโ€™ll be โ€œmarked by the oracleโ€ and quickly can need to cleanse yourself by standing on the pool within the middle, below the templar(big hydra), as an alternative youโ€™ll die. There’ll be five waves beginning with three oracles on the primary wave and ending with all seven on the last wave.

You’ve got to shoot them within the actual order they spawn as an alternative you wonโ€™t progress thus ensure to concentrate to that oracle is spawning and decision it out. You’ll be able to use numerical callouts, from 1-7, dextro rotatory to create it straightforward. Once thatโ€™s done we have a tendency to go on to the primary boss fight. How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2


The third encounter of the raid and therefore the 1st boss. The Templar may be a huge hydra that you simply see in previous encounters. Solely in this point you’re progressing to kill him. A relic known as the Aegis spawns within the middle, that once picked up, starts the encounter. The relic holder should anticipate his super to make up (itโ€™s pretty fast) and therefore the rest need to destroy the three oracles that spawn within the same locations because the last encounter.

By the time they destroy the oracles, the relic super ought to be up, that the relic holder can hit Templar with the super, which is able to drop his defend, so you wreck him. Templar is simple and doesnโ€™t take heaps to die, thus you must be able to kill him in one section. If not you’re gonna need to repeat the method. One key factor is that once the five individuals area unit damaging Templar the relic holder should romp the theater and appearance for a circle thatโ€™s shooting a beam of sunshine into the sky. How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

The instant it spawns, and therefore the relic guy sees it, he should go and stand there that prevents the Templar from teleporting. If the Templar teleports youโ€™ll need to do the oracle factor once more thus ensure to be fast there. Finally, every which way individuals can get detained in an exceeding bubble and through the injury section and every one you’ve got to try to do is shot the bubble to urge them out. Boom, boom, Templar dead and that we proceed to the Gorgonโ€™s Maze. How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

Gorgonโ€™s Maze

Nothing to visualize here, itโ€™s a Labyrinth stuffed with Gorgons (harpies) and if they spot you, youโ€™ll be lost and forgotten in time. Yikes. Proceed with caution, ensure nobody is noticed and notice the exit then jump across a opening and approach the Vault itself. How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2


This is the ultimate area, and it’s 2 encounters tied to that. The gatekeepers encounter starts as before long as you shoot or meet up with the enemies. Thereโ€™ll be 2 portals one on the left leading you to Mars (itโ€™s really Venus within the past) and one on the proper leading you to Venus (Venus within the future). 2 individuals can stand on the plates cherish the portals and defend them from overload minotaurs (the same factor because of the gate opening). The opposite 2 individuals (one each) can go within aforementioned portals and defend their blending.

One person can keep outside and facilitate, and therefore the alternative one can obtain a relic that spawns within the middle and play a bit game of race. Either in Venus or Mars, a protected praetorian can spawn which will solely be killed in exploitation of the relic. So, where he spawns, the relic guy can go within, destroy the Praetorian to defend exploitation the relic, drop the relic there that the alternative person will choose it up and leave, and keep within the portal essentially you turn roles. How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

Then the guy WHO picked up to defend comes out, provides it to the guy WHO helps within the area, WHO can then go within the second portal and repeat this method. You’ve got to try to do this race six times(3 for every portal) and a blending can spawn within the main area.

Once that happens, everybody can conjure around it and kill the enemies that spawn, together with three protected Praetorians, before they will sacrifice themselves at the blending, and you’re done. One factor to stay in mind is that each time somebody enters or leaves a portal, a gatekeeper can spawn within the middle that should be killed now as he blocks the portals from entry or exit. i do know this looks complicated, however itโ€™s very easy all you wish is coordination and communication. With this done letโ€™s go on to Atheon, the ultimate boss.

Atheon, Timeโ€™s Conflux | How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2
How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

Athlon is that the main huge dangerous, and currently itโ€™s time for him to die. Same area however completely different rules. Within the 1st minute roughly all you’ve got to try to do is killed stuff. Then youโ€™ll see on all-time low left aspect of your screen โ€œAthlon opens the time streamsโ€. Once that happens three players can every which way get teleported to Venus or Mars. The teleported team should kill the gatekeeper, obtain the relic, run all the thanks to the rear of the space and anticipate callouts. How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

The team outside can see three red oracles spawning one by one and need to tell the team within which of them they saw. Front left, back left, front middle, back middle, front right, back right. Itโ€™ll be random thus ensure to decision them out properly. And whereas one person is doing the callouts the opposite 2 will kill enemies and stand on the Venus or Mars plate(depending on wherever they were teleported) to open how back for them. How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

The person holding the relic can need to cleanse himself and therefore the alternative 2 by exploitation the bomb button, each few seconds, as if you donโ€™t, your screen can begin turning black, and youโ€™ll die. Once callouts are created properly three times and complete of nine oracles area unit destroyed, the portal team can run out whereas the most team are going to be damaging Athlon. How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

You get thirty seconds before he becomes immune once more thus attempt to do the maximum amount of injury as you most likely will. Once heโ€™s immune once more you’ve got to repeat this method. Throughout the injury section, one person haphazardly can get a 5-second timer that says โ€œimminent detainโ€, the instant he/she sees this they require to run off from their teammates as a result of if they donโ€™t, everybody can mire, and it’s game over. It sounds difficult I do know, and it will get agitated however once more, with correct communication and observe, you’ll be able to nail this in no time trust Maine. How To Unlock Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2

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