Huge Cat Pet Sim X

Huge Cat Pet Sim X | Pet Simulator [2022]

Huge Cat Pet Sim X

Alert about this pet!
Please don’t buy this or the other pet from a third-party vendor on the internet, including the plushie code, as this is often against the Roblox Terms of Service and may result in a Ban. This pet/plushie will only be purchased at BigGames Official Shop, which is occasionally restocked, or obtained via player trades. buying pets on-line is a huge risk as there’s a high chance that the alleged seller will scam you.
Huge Cat Pet Sim X

Huge Cat Pet Sim X | The Huge Cat is a special Exclusive pet obtainable only from redeeming The Cat Plushie’s code on the tag of it which was available on the Big Game’s Official Shop website. There is a 10th likelihood to get a rainbow version of the huge Cat while redeeming.


Plushies could be bought from the Big Games Official Shop website on:

  • September 5th, 2021 (11am CST): 5,000 Stocked, $49.95 USD
  • September 22nd, 2021 (11pm CST): 51 Stocked, $49.95 USD
  • October 10th, 2021 (1pm CST): 1,500 Stocked, $69.95 USD


  • Best Friend (Unique): Pet will always be as strong as your best pets*
  • Strength V: Pet does +100% more damage.

*This pet’s stats is only affected by the player’s best pet.

Example: If your team’s strongest pet is the Ghoul Horse (66B damage max), this pet will have 132B strength, due to its Strength V enchant.

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Huge Cat Pet Sim X: Huge Cat Pet Sim X


  • This is the first Huge pet in-game.
  • This pet is also seen in Pet Simulator 1.
  • There was a glitch where if the player’s inventory only contained this pet, it would deal infinite damage, allowing the player to earn infinite coins (capped at ~1 trillion). This was fixed in the First Extra Update to deal just 1 damage.
  • When a player claims the code, the message “🎁 [Username] has redeemed a merch code!” appeared in chat. However, the present (🎁) emoji appears to have been removed.
  • In the Trading Plaza Update, Exclusive pets, including the Huge Cat, can no longer be deleted from a player’s inventory.
  • This is the first pet in Pet Simulator X that could be purchased with real money.
  • The rainbow form of the pet is effectively the same as the regular variant, stat wise and enchant wise it is the same, only the appearance is different.

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