Huge Festive Cat

Huge Festive Cat (Pet Simulator X) – Details (2022)

Huge Festive Cat | The Huge Festive Cat is an Exclusive Pet in Pet Simulator X. It can be obtained from the Egg of Many Gifts and the Insane Christmas Egg.

Huge Festive Cat Enchantments

  • Best Friend (Unique): This pet will always be as strong as your best pet.
  • Random Enchantment

Chances of Hatching

  • Base Chance: ~0.000008%
  • In Insane Christmas Egg: ~5%


  • This pet is the second exclusive that can be hatched from an egg, the first being the Huge Pumpkin Cat.
  • This pet is a re-model of the Huge Cat.
  • This pet is a Huge version of the Festive Cat.
  • This is currently the easiest Huge pet obtainable from an egg.
  • This is the first Huge Pet that could be obtained from 2 eggs.

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