Illusion Connect Tier List

Illusion Connect Tier List

All the characters in Illusion Connect are nice at one purpose or another within the game, and below we’ve got an entire Illusion Connect tier list to assist you decide the simplest characters to feature to your groups.

The main means we tend to graded the units during this tier list is by quality at easy lay rank and the way well they will match into specific groups. as an example, Miyuki or Kasumi will match into just about any team and be extraordinarily helpful (especially once awakened). Those can presumably constitute a high tier, creating them priority units once rerolling and upgrading.

Thus being aforesaid, let’s dive into the Illusion Connect tier list!

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Helaers Illusion Connect Tier List

The best Healers in Illusion Connect aren’t that tough to outline. There aren’t several|that a lot of|that several} exceptional healers in-game (definitely not as many as Attackers or Sorcerers), however the only a few we’ve got access to might all simply land in S tier reckoning on matters.

TierCharacter Name
SS TierAnna, Jason
S TierMing, Diana (SS tier for PvP)
A TierBonnie
B TierDiamond
C TierJasmine, Junko Konno, Lily
D TierPolly
Illusion Connect Tier List

Ming is maybe one in every of the simplest units within the healing department overall. Pakistani monetary unit is nice too, particularly in PvE. In PvP, Ming dynasty triumphs as a result of once she’s woke up, she will be able to conjointly take away the curse from allies. just in case you’re speculative why Jason is on the list in such a high tier, that’s as a result of he will revive allies along with his distinctive. that creates him an excellent unit (even AN OP unit) in bound team comps that trust revive.

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Spell Illusion Connect Tier List

Spell characters typically offer utility and injury equally. they will typically lack injury unless they’re maxed out and well-geared up, however once they’ve reached a particular milestone in terms of power, they’re extraordinarily powerful and an excellent addition to any team.

TierCharacter Name
SS TierMiyuki
S TierSeeger (SS if Awakened), Rikia
A TierGinny, Sophie
B TierAstaroth, Sakura Minamoto
C TierNanalie
D TierBeatrice
Illusion Connect Tier List

While Miyuki and Seeger are easily exceptional, Rikia is another unit that always goes unnoted. she will be able to instantly take away all CC from the team once she’s been deployed, ANd that’s not all – Rikia also will communicate Silence (with her Special skill) on an enemy with a 100% success rate, for two turns, that is great in PvP.

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Light Illusion Connect Tier List

Light partners are those that don’t usually impress through sheer power and numbers, however instead, they supply utility and/or buffs for the team. you’ll be able to often notice lightweight groups stomping in PvP, however seldom employed in PvE content. That’s as a result of those battles take a great deal longer, and every one the utility and buffs you gain over time are best showcased in longer fights.

TierCharacter Name
SS TierPhoebe
S TierVivian, Ion, Averyl
A TierAmon, Jane, Agnis, Rynda, Okuni, Brooke
B TierKristine, Eileen, Charlotte
C TierCubie
D TierAlice, Harto
Illusion Connect Tier List

Most Light partners have a sort of β€œuse”, be it a powerful buff or a deployment bonus – the main reason we’ve got so many of them in the A tier is that their skill can really turn the tides of a battle, depending on the situation.

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Summon units

Summon units are specifically what you may expect – summoners. They decision forth a much bigger (or smaller) army of units to fight in battle, providing power through sheer numbers. taking part in a full Summon team can be a touch tough since they would usually like to bound needs met, however once you’ve got a grasp of things, they will simply overwhelm the opponent (in PvP especially).

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