Kagoku | Kagoku Shindo (January 2022)

Kagoku is a ClanΒ BloodlineΒ with a rarity of 1/300. Kagoku’s moveset revolves around the use of white-ash bones, turning targets into stone, and portal creation, making it ideal for combat. It has a variation calledΒ Kagoku-Platinum.

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Move NameLevelChiRyo
Goku Style: Ash Bone Portal Barrage200520900,000
Goku Style: Universal Bone Blade4001,6001,500,000
Goku Style: Portal Bone Breaker7002,2001,500,000


Move NameChi RequirementCooldownDescription
Goku Style: Ash Bone Portal Barrage22,00 Chi20 secondsThe user summons multiple portals, releasing white-ash bones at the direction of their cursor, damaging them. Targets that are hit are turned into stone, stunning them in place.
Goku Style: Universal Bone Blade20,000 Chi25 secondsThe user transforms their left hand onto a smokey-grey spike while initiating a stance. Clicking on a target will pull them towards the user, impaling and turning the target into stone, before slamming them towards the ground, adding a tripwire effect.
Goku Style: Portal Bone Breaker30,000 Chi20 secondsThe user enters a portal, making them invisible and invincible breifly. If the user attacks during this state, they summon multiple portals around them, similar to Goku Style: Ash Bone Portal Barrage, turning the target into stone, stunning and damaging them.
Kagoku Shindo

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