METRIA Reroll Guide

METRIA Reroll Guide | Unlock the Best Characters in METRIA: A Comprehensive Reroll Guide

METRIA Reroll Guide | Embark on an epic journey in METRIA, the 3D action RPG developed by Asobimo, Inc. Discover how mastering the art of character selection is key to conquering enemies effortlessly. Our METRIA Reroll Guide, crafted with insights from seasoned players, will help you secure the best characters for your collection.

Understanding the METRIA Gacha System:

METRIA introduces a unique system allowing real-time character switching. Dive into our tier list of the best METRIA characters to simplify the decision-making process based on your playstyle.

METRIA Reroll Guide – A Quick Overview:

For newcomers to gacha mechanics, rerolling involves creating new accounts until you land the desired starting character. METRIA streamlines this process, allowing players to reroll without the need for immediate account linking. We’ll guide you through the steps to ensure you get a head start in the game.

How to Reroll in METRIA

Follow these steps to reroll effectively in METRIA and secure that coveted SSR character without the hassle of constant account linking:

  1. Skip the account linking process initially.
  2. Complete the tutorial missions.
  3. Reach Begius‘ house for your first gacha roll, guaranteeing an SSR character.
  4. Link your account if you obtain your preferred SSR character; otherwise, uninstall and reinstall the game.
  5. Repeat until satisfied with your high-tier SSR character.

Rerolling with Linked Accounts:

If you’ve already linked your account, creating a new account involves deleting and reinstalling the game. Use a different email address for binding. Link your account only when you secure your desired character.

Characters to Look for When Rerolling:

Focus on characters with good stats (attack, defense, and HP), a powerful skill set, and characters that align with your play preferences.

METRIA Reroll Tier List:

Discover the best characters to reroll for in METRIA with our tier list:

S Tier: The Apex WarriorsDescription
AruDominance Unleashed: Aru stands at the pinnacle with unrivaled power. Command the battlefield with precision and decimate foes effortlessly.
PopoderoMystical Might: Popodero brings mystical prowess to your arsenal, making them an indispensable asset in your quest for supremacy.
METRIA Reroll Tier List
A Tier: Formidable AlliesDescription
SlashSwift Strikes: Slash’s agility and swift strikes make them a force to be reckoned with, offering a perfect blend of offense and defense.
LunariaLunar Radiance: Lunaria shines as a radiant ally, wielding both supportive and offensive abilities to enhance your team’s overall strength.
BegiusTactical Brilliance: Begius combines tactical brilliance with sheer power, providing a versatile and formidable presence on the battlefield.
METRIA Reroll Tier List
B Tier: Reliable CompanionsDescription
LucasStalwart Defender: Lucas embodies stalwart defense, offering resilience and protection to your team. A reliable companion in the heat of battle.
RioNature’s Wrath: Rio harnesses the power of nature, bringing forth a unique set of abilities that can turn the tide in your favor.
ZescoleMystic Enigma: Zescole, the mystic enigma, adds an element of unpredictability to your team, making them a valuable asset in diverse situations.
C Tier: Unleash with CautionDescription
DinoRampaging Force: Dino, while formidable, falls into the C tier. Exercise caution when deploying, as their abilities may require strategic consideration.
METRIA Reroll Tier List

Tips for Rerolling Faster:

Enhance your rerolling efficiency with these tips:

  • Use an emulator for simultaneous rerolls on multiple accounts.
  • Consider using a VPN for region-locked characters.
  • Practice patience, as rerolling may take time.


Our METRIA reroll guide equips you with the knowledge to start your journey with the best characters. Rerolling can provide a significant advantage, and following our tips increases your chances of securing a desirable starting character. For more insights and tips on mobile games, explore our tier list category on the website. Start your METRIA adventure with confidence!

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