Most Popular Online Casino Card Games

In the past, land-based casinos were popular for players. However, online gambling sites have taken over, with a mass exodus of customers. The King Casino games offered by these internet platforms are similar to land-based casinos, for instance, card games. 

Casino card games have a long and broad history. Yet, they are still relevant today. These game types have been channeled with technological innovations to be available online. While many casino games involve cards, here are some of the well played types you should check out. 


Our first and top choice is Blackjack. Popularly referred to as β€œ21,” its gameplay involves a set of cards where the sum must be close to or 21. Its high popularity is due to the fantastic payouts you can receive when you wager on the game. You lose your bet if your cards’ sum passes 21. 

In addition to a nice paytable, the game has a low house edge and high Return to Player (RTP). There are diverse forms you can use to win here. Due to its increased popularity, most operators now provide specific bonuses to reward loyal players of Blackjack at their casinos. 


Poker follows closely to Blackjack. It is one of the oldest card games currently wagered on in casinos. Here, the game is simple: all players are dealt cards. Following a widely known poker hand ranking, the higher your hand, the bigger your payout. 

Due to its increased popularity, there are a series of poker variants for you to try. In most poker game types, you are paid for playing because of the regular occurrence of a specific hand. Most forms of poker are Jacks or Better, Double Bonus Poker, Five card draw poker, three card poker, Double Double Bonus Poker, etc. 

There are also particular poker sites devoted to playing just poker games. 

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is a variation of the known 5 card draw poker. It is also mentioned because you can find it as a standalone on most iGaming sites. Its high popularity is due to its excellent paytable. All you need to do is combine hole and community cards to get the best hand combination. 

The game also has a low house edge value, meaning your chances of landing a good poker hand are good. The hands ranking used here is similar to the regular poker game. 

Video Poker

Video poker is unique because, unlike others, it is not played on a table yet requires cards. The game is similar to slots machines. While it may look boring for newbies, pros know this game offers fantastic benefits for its customers. For one, its payouts are higher than poker or Blackjack. 

It has an excellent gameplay style and still uses the original poker hand ranking to decide the pot winner. Its house edge value is the lowest among the card games mentioned. 


Despite its long history, casino card games have continued to show relevance. Like other online casino titles, you can enjoy them on your mobile, PC, and tablet. Each card game has its own rules which must be followed.

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