Pokemon BDSP Mean Look: How to get Mean Look in Pokemon BDSP [2021]

The Pokemon BDSP Mean Look move is often an implausibly helpful move to have in your party, as a result of the move prevents wild Pokemon from escaping. This could build catching 3 of the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon BDSP, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, abundant easier, as a result of they tend to escape from battles pretty usually. Thankfully, obtaining the Pokemon BDSP Mean Look is not very difficult, though the tactic is completely different from getting one thing likeΒ Pokemon BDSPΒ Waterfall. Here’s what you wish to understand.

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Pokemon BDSP Mean Look Location

There are a 100 TMs in Pokemon good Diamond and Shining Pearl. Sadly, the Mean Look metal is not one amongst them, which implies that players cannot simply teach a Pokemon the move to can, and can instead have to be compelled to realize a wild Pokemon which will learn the move.

Pokemon BDSP Mean Look
Pokemon BDSP Mean Look: How to get Mean Look in Pokemon BDSP

Pokemon BDSP Mean Look Pokemon

In total, there are seventeen Pokemon which will learn mean look around levelling up. This implies that if you wish Mean Look to be a part of your team in Pokemon BDSP, then you’ll need to catch one amongst the Pokemon below.

The good issue is, none of them area unit Pokemon that are only obtainable once, which implies you’ll positively be able to realize a Pokemon to make up able to vie with the Mean Look. A number of the Pokemon on the list learn mean consider level one, which implies that if you breed the Pokemon with either a ditto or 2 of identical Pokemon, the Pokemon from the egg can hatch at level one and at once learn Mean Look.

And, if you did not notice the potential of the move and selected to not teach it to your Pokemon, you’ll be able to continuously visit the Pokemon BDSP Move Relearner and learn the move once more

Here are all of the Pokemon in BDSP that learn the Mean Look move.

  • Zubat (Learns at level 10) – Route 203, 204, 206, 207
  • Golbat (learns at level 1) – Evolves from Zubat at Level 22
  • Crobat (learns at level 1) – Evolves from Golbat with Friendship
  • Gastly (learns at level 8) – Route 209, Old Chateau, Lost Tower, Grand Underground
  • Haunter (learns at level 1) – Evolves from Gastly at level 25
  • Gengar (learns at level 1) – Trade Haunter
  • Smoochum (learns at level 40) – Lake Acuity, Grand Underground
  • Jynx (learns at level 46) – Evolves from Smoochum at level 30
  • Umbreon (learns at level 50) – Evolves from Eevee (Increase happiness during night)
  • Murkrow (learns at level 41) – Eterna Forest, Lost Tower, Grand Underground (Brilliant Diamond exclusive)
  • Honchkrow (learns at level 1) – Evolves from Murkrow with Dusk Stone
  • Misdreavus (learns at level 19) – Eterna Forest, Lost Tower, Grand Underground (Shining Pearl exclusive)
  • Mismagius (learns at level 1) – Evolve Misdreavus with Dusk Stone
  • Sableye (learn at level 36) – Grand Underground (Shining Pearl exclusive)
  • Duskull (learns at level 28) – Route 224, Grand Underground
  • Dusclops (learns at level 28) – Evolves from Duskull at level 37
  • Dusknoir (learns at level 28) – Trade Dusclops with Reaper Cloth

Pokemon BDSP Mean Look Uses

Mean Look can stop wild Pokemon from escaping, which may are available handy once it involves making an attempt to catch the 3 legendary Pokemon in BDSP, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. This makes Mean Look an important move in your Pokemon BDSP party, though you discover a Pokemon only for catching these legendary Pokemon.

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