Project Satire Codes

Project Satire Codes (September 2022)

Hello Friends, Welcome to LIONJEK, If you are looking for Roblox Project Satire Codes, then you are at right place, because here we will list all the codes of this game. Anyone can get these codes whether you are a new player or playing from a long time. You should redeem these as soon as possible because you’ll never know when they could expire! If you have no idea how to redeem Roblox Project Satire Codes, you will find how below codes list.

All Roblox Project Satire Codes (Working)

  • finallyFix – Redeem code for Pokémon
  • ProjectLegendsREAL – Redeem code for Pokémon
  • HALAMADRID – Redeem code for Pokémon
  • 2kMembers – Redeem code for Pokémon
  • t20 Moment – Redeem code for Dusknoir
  • NitroForMe – Redeem code for Nitro Metagross
  • FluffyUpdate – Redeem code for Christmas Pichu
  • SpeedrunReupload – Redeem code for PvP Sceptile
  • ARSENAL – Redeem code for PvP Cinderace
  • LongReuploadBruv – Redeem code for PvP Magcargo

Make sure to our Game Code section for more codes like these!

Expired Codes

  • $4KFCWings – Redeem code for PvP Blaziken
  • PWC Ray Rizzo – Redeem code for PWC PvP Metagross
  • StayAloneLOL – Redeem code for Luvdisc
  • TournamentA – Redeem code for PvP Volcanion
  • RETURN1 – Redeem code for Shiny Pikachu
  • Late1stAnni – Redeem code for Gift Charizard
  • Christmas2021 – Redeem code for PvP Glalie
  • OU Tournament – Redeem code for Event Mew
  • NewYear2021 – Redeem code for Event Victini
  • 24k Magic – Redeem code for PvP Noivern
  • HerValentine – Redeem code for Event HolyGardevoir
  • HisWhiteDay3 – Redeem code for Event HolyGallade
  • Purified – Redeem code for Event Lugia
  • Scroadman – Redeem code for PvP Scrafty
  • AprilFirstEen – Redeem code for PvP Mewtwo
  • AprilFirstTwee – Redeem code for PvP Mewtwo
  • 1500Members – Redeem code for Event Farfetch’d

Roblox Project Satire FAQs

How to redeem Roblox Project Satire Codes?

Follow the below steps to redeem the Codes of Roblox Project Satire easily:

  1. First open the Roblox Project Satire game on your device
  2. Then finish the Professor Oak quest
  3. Now Travel to Viridian City and challenge the Gym Leader Brock
  4. Once you got your first badge the codes will become available
  5. Copy a from the above list and paste it into “Enter Code Here” box
  6. Then click Enter to redeem your reward.

How to get more Roblox Project Satire codes?

Want more codes of this game then make sure to follow developers of game Noob Luvers! ^_^. On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit etc. And also make sure to join Project Satire official Discord Server. You can also join the Roblox Group of Project Legends Wall. Because developers releases codes of game on some special events on their social media platforms.

That is all the codes we currently have listed for Roblox Project Satire. If you see one that we’re missing, or the one which is expired please let us know in the comments, so we can make changes right away!

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