Rage of Destiny Tier List

Rage of Destiny Tier List 2022

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Rage of Destiny Tier List

Rating HeroFactionNotes
STrigunaCelestial KingdomGreat healing and DPS. She can self-resurrect.
SFerzacDemon LeagueVery strong DPS that can freeze enemies.
SKratosNature AllianceVery tough tank that’s hard to kill. He can also deal high DPS.
SLovelaceHoly EmpireGreat support hero. Decent DPS, can heal and buff allies with increased regen.
SBarkinWild TribeHigh boss DPS.
SEphraimCelestial KingdomStrong DPS with high survivability.
SRufinaNature AllianceShe can do a bit of everything. Amazing Crowd Control, with some DPS and healing.
A+PaulusShadow SquadGreat carry with good DPS. Amazing for early and mid-game, but drops off slightly at endgame.
A+BraelynNature AllianceHigh AoE DPS and basic attacks. Her ultimate can only hit enemies on the opposite side of the battlefield.
AKaliWild TribeGreat support hero that can increase the damage of her allies.
ALahiaDemon LeagueMore of a support hero. Decent Crowd Control. Best paired with Male heroes.
AMoxusDemon LeagueIncreases the Defense of allies. Solid hero.
ADietrichShadow SquadDecent DPS and Crowd Control. He can pull enemies towards himself and stun them.
AGharrWild TribeDecent DPS. He can teleport to enemies and cannot die when using his ultimate.
AKarnawaWild TribeGood healer that can place totems on the battlefield.
ASperrinShadow SquadDecent single target DPS. He can swap places with an enemy.
ASierraHoly EmpireDecent tank that can also heal. She can prevent an ally from dying. More of a healer than tank, as she’s a bit squishy
AEloisaNature AllianceBest Nature Alliance healer. her heals are a little slow to ramp up.
AYonalaHoly EmpireDecent DPS, but a bit squishy.
AGrogWild TribeTank with a lot of HP and can do decent DPS. Weak in early game.
AVardisShadow SquadTank that summons minions to soak damage. Decent DPS. Good for bosses. Weak in early game.
ABannShadow SquadGood carry, decent for bosses. A bit worse than Paulus.
AKhamarHoly EmpireDecent DPS with lifesteal.
ATheranonWild TribeGood carry with decent DPS.
B+MonicaShadow SquadDecent DPS.
BPosadaNature AllianceDecent support that can reduce enemy damage.
BLucianoNature AllianceDecent DPS and Crowd Control.
BBouvierHoly EmpireDecent DPS that can duel a single enemy. He will gain a buff if he wins.
BGiuseppeHoly EmpireDPS. Not amazing, but alright for bosses.
SHatharalNature AllianceAoE DPS. He can pull enemies towards him. A bit squishy and DPS isn’t amazing.
BElizabethHoly EmpireDecent Crowd Control. Good for PvP.
BKausWild TribeTank with low DPS. Not amazing, not terrible.
BVirgaShadow SquadDPS that can dodge enemy attacks.
CTsithiaShadow SquadVery strong hero for early and midgame. She drops off at endgame due to being Epic.
CMayeloHoly EmpireSupport hero that can stun enemies. Not too great.
CCeleroWild TribeGreat early game DPS hero. Good for faction towers.
CBelfortWild TribePretty weak DPS hero.
DSarkassonShadow SquadDecent DPS in early and midgame.
DRoxanneHoly EmpireAmazing up to level 80, but terrible beyond that.
DBodewickHoly EmpireWeak hero. Lower level cap.
DJessicaHoly EmpireWeak hero. Lower level cap.
DBaouiNature AllianceWeak hero. Lower level cap.
DAharbShadow SquadWeak hero. Lower level cap.
DRazomaWild TribeWeak hero. Lower level cap.
DAravoWild TribeWeak hero. Lower level cap.
DThordinHoly EmpireWeak hero. Lower level cap.
DSapphoNature AllianceWeak hero. Lower level cap.
DFarinNature AllianceWeak hero. Lower level cap.
Rage of Destiny Tier List

Rage of Destiny Tier List

We’ve ranked all of the characters in Rage of Destiny based on their strengths and weaknesses in our tier list. All Rage of Destiny characters have been classified into six tiers: SS, S, A, B, C, and D. The SS tier contains all of the game’s greatest characters, whereas the D tier contains all of the game’s bad or worse characters who aren’t very useful. So, to save you time and help you pick the greatest characters in the game, we’ve put together a Rage Of Destiny tier list.

SS Tier


They are the god tier characters in the game. You can use them for any type of content and they will excel at it. If you have obtained them, start investing in them right now.

  • Paulus
  • Kali
  • Bann
  • Bouvier
  • Sierra

S Tier – Rage of Destiny Tier List

Characters of the S tier are the ones who will assure you a victory over your opponents. The characters will do all the work for you and guide you through the game with little to no effort on your part.

  • Hatharal
  • Celero
  • Yonala
  • Lovelace
  • Ephraim
  • Braelyn
  • Bodewick

A Tier

A tier characters square measure for gamers that like a mean stat distribution instead of one outstanding stat. opt for one in every of these characters to relinquish you a bit of everything if you don’t wish to stay to one style of gameplay throughout the sport.

  • Maxos
  • Luciano
  • Jade Magic
  • Vradis
  • Monica
  • Kratos
  • Gharr

B Tier – Rage of Destiny Tier List

B-tier characters may demand some time and effort on your part, but if properly trained and used, they can be game-changers and help you win in Rage of Destiny.

  • Belfort
  • Barkin
  • Jessica
  • Dietrich
  • Elizabeth
  • Khamar
  • Mayelo
  • Grog
  • Kaus
  • Tsithia
Rage of Destiny Defeat the golem
Defeat the Golm in Rage of Destiny

C Tier – Rage of Destiny Tier List

These characters, although being at the bottom of the list, are not utterly useless. They can be a useful addition and will occasionally help you win, but not as frequently as other characters.

  • Giuseppe
  • Virga
  • Baoui
  • Thenaron
  • Razoma

D Tier – Rage of Destiny Tier List

D Tier Characters in Rage of Destiny square measure a number of the worst characters. they’re not that sturdy and provide no real worth to the team. you ought to not use them and if you’re, take into account to exchange them now.

  • Thordin
  • Aravo
  • Sarkasson
  • Farin

This was our Rage of Destiny Tier List. you’ll decide the Eastern Time characters within the game to make your team. however whereas building a team you ought to take into account all the aspects like character action and overall harm output of the team. You can download Rage of Destiny from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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