Rise of Kingdoms Codes (December 2021) Updated

Rise of Kingdoms Codes (December 2021) Updated

Rise of Kingdoms Codes | want to earn cool prizes in Rising of Kingdoms? If yes, then it’s been made easier and free with plenty of redeem codes. Rise of kingdoms provides varied codes; you can get your hands on a class of resources, extra gems, and loads more bonuses.

The game’s developers formulated the increase of Kingdom’s Redeem Codes, providing you with an extreme ahead within the game and delivery you the lead. Upgrade gift codes are printed by them each currently. That has the players with the chance to redeem them for awards and prizes.


  • REAL-TIME BATTLES Fighting happens in period on a vast, thorough map that includes normal obstacles like streams, mount meadows, and strategic paths.
  • ELEVEN UNIQUE KINGDOMS choose from one among eleven ancient kingdoms and lead the approach of your civilization from an isolated nation into enormous strength.
  • REALISTIC DAY & NIGHT CYCLE Utilize the lid of the night to undertake a wonder attack along with your alliance and hit suspicion into your opponents.
  • VAST UNEXPLORED MAPS the earth of the Rising of Kingdoms is coated in large mist. Post surveys to look at this magical land and excavate the hidden gems within.
  • THE BEST CIVILIZATION The nicest nation relying on the factors of the civilizations are generous for every part. You’ll be able to skilfully change your civilization with Civilization change for ten thousand gems or free exchanges.

List of Rise of Kingdoms Codes

rokpromo21x1 Golden Key, x3 Silver Key, x2 3h Speedup and x10 Lvl 5 Tomes of Knowledge
q51ajxwdzcRedeem code to get rewards
Fb98l0wrfkRedeem code to get rewards
ROKVICTORYRedeem code to get rewards
ROKVIKINGSx1 Golden Keys, x3 Silver Key, x2 3h Speedup, and x10 Lvl 5 Tomes of Knowledge
rokhappybdRedeem code to get rewards
hpr3BveYL6Redeem code to get rewards
brem4k69u22 Golden Keys, 5 Tomes of Level 6 Knowledge, 2 Immediate Action Point Recovery, and 2 Speedup
21HappyYOXx1 Gold Key, x3 Silver Keys, x2 Haste 3 Hours and x10 Tomes of Level 5 Knowledge
Rise of Kingdoms Codes: Rise of Kingdoms Code

How to use the Rise of Kingdoms codes?

Using the redeem codes is fine to you receive the sag of it simply earlier – completely fulfill the steps down. You can save all the Rise of Kingdoms codes that are accessible for the game.

  • In the top left corner of the screen, you tap on the profile icon
  • Go on to the Settings menu.
  • Choose the Redeem choice (which occurs as a gift).
  • Type in the 10-digit code and spout on the Exchange button.

That’s it! If you don’t reclaim the codes before their expiration period, you will not receive the prizes.

Rise of Kingdoms Codes: Rise of Kingdoms Code

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you share gems within the Rising of the kingdom?

It is not possible to gift gems to a different player. However, if your companion begins within the USA, you’ll be able to give them a $20 Ea game card that’s good for 275 gems.

What should I do if my code isn’t functioning?

Examine that the code you’re coming into is carried from a legal website, not an invalid one, and take a look at another one.

Which troop sort is best within the Rising of the kingdom?

Wonderful for demolishing or overcoming cities and forts, cavalry leaders are the strongest within the game for destroying. They need an excellent proportion of general statistics that make the most exact unit within the game. Raid, health, and safety are gift in any unit of this kind, and leaders.


The game features a massive, clear world and well-documented characters. Develop your army’s skills – rockets and bumpers. Cooperate with different players. You’ll be able to persuade really legendary fighters to your army. Use all equipment wisely to create your nation great! Hopefully, you’ve got successfully restored the code we furnished on this page for loads of good begin within the game! Have leisure!


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