Ro-Ghoul Codes

Ro-Ghoul Codes (November 2023)

Are you searching for Ro-Ghoul Codes? Ro-Ghoul is a free-to-play Roblox game designed by SushiWalrus, inspired by the popular anime series Tokyo Ghoul. It was initially created on July 12th, 2017, and gained significant popularity in 2018.

In this game, players can immerse themselves in a variety of environments and objects and take on the roles of Ghouls or members of the CCG. What’s exciting is that the developers have included a code redemption feature that allows players to unlock various rewards, including free Yen and RC Cells.

Ro-Ghoul Codes 2023

Ro-Ghoul CodesRewards
ANNIVERSARY-54,000,000 RC and 4,000,000 Yen
ANNIVERSARY-44,000,000 RC and 4,000,000 Yen
TrafMaskTraf mask
500MV500,000 RC & 500,000 Yen
1M FAVS1,00,000 RC and 1,00,000 Yen
Sub2Axiore50,000 Yen
Sub2EDITTY50,000 Yen
Sub2GoldenOwl50,000 Yen
Sub22KMz50,000 Yen
Sub2ibemaine50,000 Yen
Sub2OrdinaryPotato50,000 Yen
Sub2Praveen50,000 Yen
Sub2Roball50,000 Yen
Sub2Sagee450,000 Yen
Sub2xAomSakarin50,000 Yen
Sub2Sky1Ms50,000 Yen
Ro-Ghoul Codes

Expired Codes: To save your time, here’s a list of expired codes in Ro-Ghoul:

  • !Roziku
  • !Code FollowGODisPP
  • !Code 300MV
  • !Code Sub2Tokiitou
  • !Code Sub2КоПанда
  • !Code Sub2ItsBear
  • !Code Sub2KeizoHaHa
  • !Code Sub2MaTunMCS
  • !Code Sub2MIANNN
  • !Code Sub2NaiMark
  • !Code Sub2Sky1Ms
  • !Code Traftheopest
  • !Code Sub2RedDeMon
  • !Code Sub2Telanthric
  • !Code Sub2NanoProdigy
  • !ibemask
  • !Code HNY2020

How to redeem Ro-Ghoul Codes?

Here’s how to redeem these codes:

  1. Launch the game and locate the chat window.
  2. Type the code from the list above, making sure to include the “!Code” part, and press Enter.

Enjoy your Ro-Ghoul gaming experience!”

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