Roblox Clicker Frenzy Codes 2022

Roblox Clicker Frenzy Codes 2022

Roblox Clicker Frenzy Codes 2022 | Roblox Clicker Frenzy is a Adventure game which is released on Roblox by Undim•Classics on 25 December 2020. This game has 2.9M+ Visitors and greater than 47,660+ players added as a favorite game. When I visited last time on this there are 2,76+ Players are active. This game is compatible with PC, Mobile & Console.

Hello friends welcome to the Lionjek, if you are searching for the best Roblox Clicker Frenzy Codes then this is the right place for you. Here you can find all the working and valid Roblox Clicker Frenzy Codes that really works. You can redeem these codes to get exciting and surprising rewards for free. Redeem these codes before they expired.

Roblox Clicker Frenzy Codes 2022

  • GALAXY – use this code to get a Galactic Infernus
  • CASEBUX – use this code to get a Robux Dominus V2
  • CANDY – use this code to get a Cotton Candy Dominus
  • MMMCHEEZBURGER – use this code to get a Cheezburger
  • CYAN – use this code to get a Cyan Alert Dominus
  • 3MVISITS – use this code to get a Bombastic Shaggy
  • HAPPYEASTER – use this code to get The Easiest Egg
  • BOMBASTICPARTY – use this code to get a Bombastic Doge
  • 17500LIKES – use this code to get a Guardia of Vengeance
  • EMERALD – use this code to get a Emerald Sage Dominus
  • ROYAL – use this code to get a Royal Punk Dominus
  • BLUEALERT – use this code to get a Blue Alert Dominus
  • SKULL – use this code to get a Skull Dominus

Expired Codes

  • EMERALD – Redeem for a Emerald Sage Dominus
  • ROYAL – Redeem for a Royal Punk Dominus
  • BLUEALERT – Redeem for a Blue Alert Dominus
  • SKULL – Redeem for a Skull Dominus
  • NEWYEARS2022 – Redeem for 2022 Boppers
  • SWEET – Redeem for Sweet Punk Dominus
  • ONEYEAR – Redeem for One Year Anniversary Effect
  • CHRISTMAS – Redeem for Christmas Fedora
  • MONSTER – Redeem for Monster Punk Dominus
  • WOODOM – Redeem for Wooden Domino Crown
  • HAPPYTHANKSGIVING – Redeem for the Turkey Head
  • 15KLIKES—Redeem for the Minty Mild Domino Crown
  • 2MVISITS – Redeem for the Dominus Rocoprus
  • YELLOW – Redeem for the Yellow Alert Dominus
  • ORANGE – Redeem for the Orange Alert Dominus
  • UNDIMBIRTHDAY – Redeem for the Undim’s Birthday Dominus 2021
  • SPOOKYSCARY – Redeem for the Orange Pumpkin Head
  • PINKALERT – Redeem for the Pink Alert Dominus
  • BUMBLE – Redeem for the Bumble Punk Dominus
  • KEYLIME – Redeem for the Key Lime Dominus
  • 10KLIKES – Redeem for the Prism Fedora
  • DUALITY – Redeem for the Duality Alert Dominus
  • GREENIE – Redeem for the Green Alert Dominus
  • 1MVISITS – Redeem for the Suroproc Sunimod
  • SUPREME – Redeem for the Supreme Punk Dominus
  • 6000LIKES – Redeem for the Gentleman Tee Vee
  • TIGERPUNK – Redeem for the Tiger Punk Dominus
  • 4000LIKES – Redeem for the Island Fedora Hat
  • PURPLESUS – Redeem for the Purple Alert Dominus

Please make sure that you enter Roblox Clicker Frenzy Codes correctly in your Game otherwise you will not get any rewards. To save your time and you to get rewards successfully the Please try to copy code from our list and paste it into the text Box. You can’t claim rewards more than once with the same code.

These codes are tested by Our team with the most updated version of this game, But maybe sometimes they do mistakes and its possible codes to be expired after few days. If you found any codes which are not working with the updated version of the game or codes are expired, Let us know in the comments or you can send email through visiting on our contact us Page. After that we will remove invalid or expired codes and we will place new codes if they exist.

How to redeem codes in clicker frenzy?

  • Firstly copy codes from our list
  • After that open game on your device.
  • In the game, press the Twitter/Codes button on the left side of the screen.
  • In the white box, enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above.
  • Press Submit to claim your reward!
  • Now, enjoy your rewards.

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