Roblox Feather Family Script

Roblox Feather Family Script 2022

Hello Friends, Welcome to LIONJEK, if you are searching for the Feather Family Scripts as auto farm and more, and didn’t find yet. Then this is the right place for you to find the hack script of Hide And Feather Family. Here you can find all the latest and best Feather Family Scripts that really works. You can download this script for free, and by using this script you can play this game very easily.

Roblox Feather Family Script 2022

-Made By Sute btw its patched LMAO!

Free Phoenix And Vib For Feather Family

game.Players.YOURUSERNAMEGOESHERE.PlayerGui.GamePassUpdater.Phoenix.Value = true
-- As it says here ^ put the name of the account that you are using
-- Also everytime you respawn or join the game you gonna have to execute the script

game.Players.YOUTUSERNAMEGOESHERE.PlayerGui.GamePassUpdater.VIB.Value = true

Feather Family Script 2

game.Players.YOURNAME.PlayerGui.GamePassUpdater.VIB.Value = true

Game description

🕊ïļ Bird Roleplay 🕊ïļ Explore the world as one of many types of birds! Choose your species, customize yourself, hatch from an egg, grow up, build your own nest, and join flocks! Next Update: Friday, June 3rd – ðŸĶī Summer of Fossils 2022 begins! Extinct birds all summer long. – Unlockable ??? ðŸĢ Last Update: Albatross Remodel – Remodeled Albatross – Added 1 more Realism (Modern) roleplay server – You can now see rain outside even when you are underneath something – Fixed Cassowary head – Fixed bouncing on water

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