Santa Paws (Pet Simulator X)

Santa Paws (Pet Simulator X) – Details (2022)

The Santa Paws is a Mythical Pet in Pet Simulator X. It can be obtained from the Christmas Tree Egg and Egg of Many Gifts.

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Santa Paws (Pet Simulator X) – Details

Hatched FromChrismas Tree Egg and Egg of many Gifts
Level-18b – 18.6b
Golden Level-54b – 55.2b
Rainbow Level-125b – 130b
Dark Matter Level-360b – 368b

Chances of Hatching

(This has yet to be confirmed by a member of staff, but it’s an educated assumption based on egg openings and the Pet Database.).

  • In Egg of Many Gifts: ~0.00863%
  • In Christmas Tree Egg: ~0.000158%
  • In Insane Christmas egg: 30% (Dark Matter Version)


  • Its Dark Matter form can be obtained from the Insane Christmas Egg with a chance of 30%.
  • This pet will become unobtainable after the Christmas Event.
  • During the Christmas Event “Santa Paws” also delivers presents randomly (Gingerbread, Diamonds, and Boosts) to everyone in the server.
  • Its Dark Matter variant is currently the strongest pet in-game.
  • This pet has a Huge variant, the Huge Santa Paws.

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