Seven Mysteries Of Honjo

The Seven Mysteries Of Honjo in 2023

Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo, developed by Square Enix, is a visual novel and puzzle game with a spooky twist. This non-linear game follows protagonists navigating curses and seeking the legendary power of the Rite of Resurrection, believed to bring the dead back to life. This guide will help you progress through the game’s chapters safely, ensuring your protagonists don’t meet brutal fates.

General Tips: Seven Mysteries Of Honjo

  • Paranormasight involves reading dialogues and exploring the environment. Some chapters are purely dialogue and exploration.
  • Talk to characters and examine everything for progress.
  • The game is divided into chapters, and you may need to complete other characters’ routes before progressing the main story.
  • Different routes and choices affect the story outcomes.

Shogo Okiie’s Route:

  • The game starts with Shogo in Kinshibori Park.
  • Talk to Yoko and use Think and Recall for hints.
  • Examine everything and Yoko before calling an ambulance.
  • Talk to the mysterious man, and exhaust his dialogues.
  • On the second attempt, convince the man to leave.
  • Progress through the story until you unlock the Move button.
  • Explore various locations and interact with characters.
  • Be careful with choices to avoid deaths.

Harue Shigima’s Route:

  • Progress through chapters following dialogues and interactions.
  • Make the right choices to advance the story.
  • Explore different locations and solve puzzles.
  • Pay attention to details and hints.

Tetsuo Tsutsumi’s Route:

  • Investigate crime scenes and follow Erio’s dialogues.
  • Make choices that affect the story.
  • Solve puzzles and explore various locations.
  • Work with other characters to progress.

Yakko Sakazaki’s Route:

  • Use the Spirit Board and follow the instructions.
  • Explore and make choices that influence the story.
  • Help other characters to advance.
  • Pay attention to dialogue and choices.

The Fifth Character’s Route:

  • This chapter involves a lot of chapter switching.
  • Follow the instructions to progress through the story.
  • Use Recall and Think actions to remember important details.
  • Solve puzzles and find a way to contact the outside world.

Conclusion: Seven Mysteries Of Honjo

Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo is an intricate visual novel with multiple routes and choices. This guide provides detailed walkthroughs for different character routes to help you navigate the game successfully. Enjoy your paranormal investigations!

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