Shattered Psycho Online Tier List

Shattered Psycho Online Tier List – Best Races

Shattered Psycho Online Tier List: In the exhilarating virtual realm of Shattered Psycho Online (SPO), the choice of your character’s race is far from a mere cosmetic decision. It’s a critical determinant of your journey’s challenges and victories. The diverse array of races in SPO presents a tantalizing array of abilities, each with its unique advantages and complexities. In this comprehensive guide, we navigate the intricate terrain of SPO’s races, meticulously evaluating their strengths and accessibility. For those pondering whether Demon and Angel justify the grind or seeking insights into the most coveted races, your quest for knowledge begins here. Join us as we dissect the SPO race tier list and illuminate the path to gaming mastery.

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The Diversity of SPO Races

In this guide, we will break down the races in Shattered Psycho Online into tiers, providing you with a clear understanding of which races are the most coveted and why. Whether you’re an experienced player seeking to optimize your gameplay or a newcomer looking to make an informed decision, this tier list will be your indispensable companion.

Shattered Psycho Online Tier List

S Tier Races

  1. Esper
    • Availability: 20%
    • Attributes: Boosts damage and defense, with a chance to levitate enemies.

The Esper race claims the coveted top spot in our tier list, and for good reason. It boasts a remarkable 20% drop rate, making it accessible to a wide range of players. What truly sets Esper apart is its unique combination of damage and defense enhancements, accompanied by the ability to levitate enemies. This versatile set of attributes makes Esper an excellent choice for both offensive and defensive strategies, ensuring that you stand a good chance at surviving encounters and emerging victorious.

  1. Demon
    • Availability: 7%
    • Attributes: Aura that heals the user while dealing damage and inflicting bleed.

While Demon may be harder to obtain with a 7% drop rate, its formidable abilities more than justify the grind. The standout feature of the Demon race is its aura, which not only heals the user but also deals damage and inflicts bleeding on adversaries. This unique combination makes Demons exceptionally challenging to defeat, as they can regenerate health while simultaneously launching devastating attacks.

A Tier Races

  1. Angel
    • Availability: 4%
    • Attributes: Heals the user while dealing damage, similar to Demon.

The Angel race finds its place in the A-tier due to its commendable abilities. Like Demon, Angel has the capacity to heal the user while dealing damage, making it a formidable choice. However, its lower drop rate of 4% places it slightly below Demon in terms of accessibility. Nevertheless, for those lucky enough to acquire it, Angel can be a game-changer.

  1. Superhuman
    • Attributes: Specialized in physical offense, lacks defense boost.

Superhuman, positioned in the A-tier, caters to players who prefer an all-out offensive playstyle. While it doesn’t enhance defense, it compensates with potent offensive capabilities. To excel as a Superhuman, a skilled player who can adeptly maneuver to avoid enemy attacks is essential. If you can master this, you’ll find Superhuman to be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

B Tier Races

  1. Human
    • Availability: 33%
    • Attributes: 33% extra experience gained.

The Human race, residing in the B-tier, often serves as a stepping stone for players aiming for stronger races. With a high availability rate of 33%, it’s the most accessible race in SPO. While its attributes may not be as impressive as some of the higher-tier races, Human offers a significant advantage: a 33% experience boost. This makes it an attractive choice for those who wish to level up quickly and gain an edge in the game.

C Tier Races

  1. Ghost
    • Availability: 10%
    • Attributes: Primarily movement-based, limited damage or defense boost.

Ghost finds itself in the C-tier due to its focus on movement rather than boosting damage or defense. With a 10% drop rate, it offers moderate accessibility but falls short in terms of enhancing your combat prowess. Players who prioritize agility and evasive maneuvers may find Ghost appealing, but it may not be the most potent choice for those seeking to excel in battle.

  1. ???
    • Availability: 1%
    • Attributes: Boosts all stats by 20%.

The mysterious race in Shattered Psycho Online occupies the enigmatic “???” tier. With an astonishingly low drop rate of 1%, it is exceedingly rare to encounter. However, it possesses a compelling advantage – a remarkable 20% boost to all stats. This includes attributes such as damage, defense, and more. While the allure of this race’s unparalleled power is undeniable, the steep odds of acquiring it may deter many players from pursuing it. With Esper and Demon offering formidable abilities and higher drop rates, The race remains an elusive enigma.


In the ever-evolving landscape of Shattered Psycho Online, your choice of race is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact your gaming experience. The tier list provided here offers valuable insights into the strengths and availability of each race, helping you make an informed decision.

Ultimately, the best race for you in Shattered Psycho Online depends on your playstyle, preferences, and patience for the grind. Whether you seek the versatility of Esper, the resilience of Demon, or the celestial grace of Angel, the adventure awaits. And for those daring enough to pursue the elusive “???” race, the allure of its unparalleled power may be a quest worth embarking upon.

So, fellow adventurers, choose your race wisely, embark on epic quests, and may your journey in Shattered Psycho Online be filled with triumph and discovery.

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