Shindo life bloodline tier list

Shindo life bloodline tier list – Best Shindo Storm Characters and Bloodlines 2022

Shindo life bloodline tier list, There’s a Roblox game out there for everybody, whether it’s deed from Piggy, or taking care of cute pets in Adopt Me! however recently one game specially has up to large popularity: Shindo Life: Originally known as Shinobi Life 2, the sport may be a re-imagining of the first Shinobi Life, a Naruto-style ninja game wherever you explore the associate open world, and fight against opponents within the arena, exploitation your martial art and skills. However, you’ll be able to additionally use spins to induce freebies, which might build your character stronger.

Shindo Life is a Roblox game developed by group RELL World. It is a Naruto-style game, taking place in a world similar to the game. The Shindo Life Wiki is dedicated to serving as an encyclopedia for Shindo Life and being a resource for the community.


Bloodlines ar talents in Shindo Life that provide access to completely different powers derived from the Naruto anime. There ar 3 differing types of Bloodlines: Eye Bloodlines, social group Bloodlines, and Elemental Bloodlines.

They can be spun for within the customization menu. These ar the obtainable Bloodlines: Bloodlines are talents in Shindo Life that provide access to completely different powers derived from the Naruto anime.

All Shindo life bloodline tier list Recipes

Rare Bloodlines

There area unit lots of Bloodlines that may be obtained, the most side of rolling Bloodline is that the issue of getting a rare or common one. Rare Bloodlines area unit Bloodlines with a spin probability under 1/6.

All Bloodlines have an opportunity to be rolled, with their rarities being found within the Ability Bag space. The spin likelihood is that delineate exploitation fractions, for example; the prospect of getting the “Jokei” Bloodline is 1/80.

This side of rarity in bound Bloodline keeps players rolling till they need no spins left. Although, each eighty spins can provide the player a ‘Full Rarity’ spin, which supplies them a Bloodline from the rare class, detain mind, this doesn’t secure an excellent rare one.

Bloodline Jutsu/Modes

Bloodline Page (Menu > Bloodline)

Every Bloodline has its own perks and techniques, and so as to use them the player should unlock them by leveling them up. The Bloodline’s talents may be found by going in-game > Menu (press M) > Bloodline. There, the player will their Bloodline’s level and the way abundant expertise it’s.

The player will gain expertise by doing something that grants traditional EXP, such as; quests, War, coaching logs, etc.

Once the player obtains enough expertise, they’ll unlock their initial ability, that includes a demand for a precise stat and prices Ryo to unlock. every requirement/price depends on the Bloodline in hand.

Bloodline ability demand example

Some Bloodlines have a mode which may be used once the player reaches the desired level for the Bloodline. they’ll equip this by pressing the “equip” button when reaching the desired level.

Modes provide stat boosts to the player, and bound modes have completely different stages. they’ll be either a mode appointed to the “Z” key, or appointed to the “C” key. Bloodlines with a “Z” mode, and most Elemental Bloodlines have the distinctive property of having the ability to assign their moves into non-Bloodline move slots.

Certain Bloodlines like volcanic rock or Apollo-Sand area unit well-known for finishing quests, whereas others like Rengoku, Tengoku, etc. area unit smart for PVP.

Bloodline Leveling Tips

Level Bar for Bloodlines

Tips to level up Bloodlines are:

  • Play War (preferably with friends or during a YouTube stream).
  • AFK with associate motorcar clicker (or little task if leveling Spirits) at a coaching Log.
  • Grind inexperienced and Orange Scroll quests
  • Using Eagle Companion on 3 logs quickly.
  • Things that aren’t suggest doing whereas leveling are:

PVP battles

  • Randomly killing folks
  • If a Bloodline includes a mode, it possibly is useful for levelling, therefore it ought to use it once attainable. The player gains a hundred exp for each second their mode is active.

How can I unlock more Shindo Storm characters?

You can jump into the Shindo Storm mode in Shindo Life even before you create your 1st character. that is as a result of they are not required during this mode. Shindo Storm uses pre-set characters kind of like Street Fighter or Dead or Alive. you choose your favorite and head straight into battle.

The problem with this method is that you are solely given immediate access to 2 of the 30+ Shindo Storm characters. they are not bottom-of-the-barrel sorts, however they are not the most effective, either. To unlock additional Shindo Storm characters, you would like to pay loads of coins. usually over 2 million, in fact.

So long as you’ve got the money to try and do this, simply click on any latched character on the choice screen. you ought to see AN choice to purchase them along with your in-game currency. do this and you may for good add them to your squad.

Shindo life bloodline tier list

Shindo life bloodline tier list RANKTYPEPROBABILITYMODES
Yang-NarumakiS+Clan Bloodline0.33%2
Xeno-DokeiS+Eye Bloodline0.59%2
WanziameCClan Bloodline2.5%1
VineSElemental Bloodline0.63%1
Variety-MudCElemental Bloodline1.11%0
TyphoonBElemental Bloodline0.95%0
TsunamiCElemental Bloodline1.25%0
TengokuSEye Bloodline0.67%1
StormDElemental Bloodline3.33%1
SteamFElemental Bloodline16.67%0
SoundCElemental Bloodline2.00%0
SmokeBElemental Bloodline1.43%0
ShizenBClan Bloodline1.00%2
Shiver AkumaAEye Bloodline1.00%4
Shindai-Rengoku-YangS+Eye Bloodline0.33%2
Shindai-RengokuS+Eye Bloodline4%2
Shindai-AkumaSEye Bloodline0.5%4
ShadoDClan Bloodline3.33%1
SenkoCClan Bloodline2.22%1
SengokuSEye Bloodline0.5%2
SeishinCClan Bloodline0.77%1
ScorchFElemental Bloodline3.13%0
Satori-RengokuS+Eye Bloodline0.33%1
Satori-GoldS+Eye Bloodline0.25%1
Satori-AkumaSEye Bloodline1.00%4
Sarachia-GoldSEye Bloodline0.33%4
Sarachia-AkumaSEye Bloodline0.5%4
SandFElemental Bloodline2.86%1
SaberuCClan Bloodline0.71%1
Ryuji-KenichiS+Clan Bloodline0.5%2
Rykan-ShizenAClan Bloodline0.67%2
Riser-InfernoS+Eye Bloodline0.33%1
Riser-AkumaSEye Bloodline0.71%4
Renshiki-GoldA+Eye Bloodline0.4%1
RenshikiA+Eye Bloodline0.67%1
RengokuSEye Bloodline1.00%5
Raion-SengokuS+Eye Bloodline0.33%2
Raion-RengokuS+Eye Bloodline0.5%2
Raion-AzureS+Eye Bloodline0.33%2
Raion-AkumaAEye Bloodline0.83%4
Pika-SenkoBClan Bloodline0.56%1
PaperBElemental Bloodline2.00%1
OkamiBClan Bloodline1.43%1
Odin-SaberuAClan Bloodline0.59%1
NectarCClan Bloodline1.33%1
NatureFElemental Bloodline16.67%0
Narumaki-RubyS+Clan Bloodline0.33%2
NarumakiS+Clan Bloodline0.5%2
MudFElemental Bloodline16.67%0
Minakaze-AzureS+Clan Bloodline0.33%1
MinakazeS+Clan Bloodline0.4%1
MinakamiDClan Bloodline2.22%1
Mecha-SpiritAClan Bloodline0.5%2
Light-JokeiS+Eye Bloodline0.5%3
LavaEElemental Bloodline2.5%0
KonchoBClan Bloodline1.43%1
KokotsuDClan Bloodline2.86%1
KeradaAClan Bloodline1.43%1
KenichiBClan Bloodline0.67%2
Kamaki-AmethystS+Clan Bloodline0.33%2
KamakiS+Clan Bloodline0.59%2
KaijinCClan Bloodline2.22%1
Kabu-CobraAClan Bloodline0.5%1
Jotaro-ShizenBClan Bloodline0.5%2
JokeiAEye Bloodline1.00%3
Jayramaki-AzureSClan Bloodline0.5%1
JayramakiSClan Bloodline0.59%1
InkCElemental Bloodline0.83%1
Inferno-KorashiS+Clan Bloodline0.33%1
InfernoBElemental Bloodline1.25%0
IceEElemental Bloodline16.67%0
HairAClan Bloodline0.71%1
Gold-SandFElemental Bloodline1.67%0
GlacierBClan Bloodline2.5%1
Giovanni-ShizenAClan Bloodline0.625%2
Ghost-KorashiS+Clan Bloodline0.5%1
FrostEElemental Bloodline1.43%0
Forged-SengokuS+Eye Bloodline0.4%1
Forged-RengokuS+Eye Bloodline7.69%1
ExplosionEElemental Bloodline16.67%0
EternalA+Clan Bloodline1.11%1
EmeraldCElemental Bloodline1.43%0
Eastwood-KorashiSClan Bloodline0.4%1
Doku-TengokuS+Eye Bloodline0.4%1
Doku-ScorpionS+Eye Bloodline0.33%1
DokeiCEye Bloodline2.86%2
Dio-SenkoSClan Bloodline0.67%1
Dio-AzureSClan Bloodline0.4%1
Deva-SengokuA+Eye Bloodline0.5%1
Deva-RengokuA+Eye Bloodline1.67%1
Dark-JokeiS+Eye Bloodline0.5%3
DanganCClan Bloodline0.91%1
CrystalF-Elemental Bloodline16.67%0
CobraAClan Bloodline0.59%1
ClayDElemental Bloodline1.33%1
BubbleBElemental Bloodline1.67%1
Borumaki-GoldS+Clan Bloodline0.33%2
BorumakiS+Clan Bloodline0.5%2
BoltCElemental Bloodline2.5%0
BloodSElemental Bloodline1.25%0
Black ShockCElemental Bloodline2.00%1
Bankai-InfernoS+Eye Bloodline0.4%1
Bankai-AkumaSEye Bloodline1.00%4
Azim-SenkoBClan Bloodline0.77%1
AzarashiBClan Bloodline1.82%2
AtomicDElemental Bloodline2.5%0
Ashen-StormAElemental Bloodline0.67%1
Arahaki-JokeiSEye Bloodline0.5%3
Apollo-SandBElemental Bloodline2.00%1
AkumaSEye Bloodline1.33%7
Shindo life bloodline tier list

Shindo Life Tier List – Best Characters for Shindo Storm League

SSeishin, Ryken Shizen, Raion Rengoku, Riser Akuma, PTS Deva, Azim Senko, Bankai Akuma, Ghost Korashi
AAilee Minakami, Zeno Dokei, Shiver Akuma, Shindai Akuma, Satoru Akuma, Pika Senko, Odin Saberu, Apollo Sabaku, Atomic, Borumaki, Narumaki, Forged Rengoku, Golden Jokei, Dangan,
BAlphirama Dangan, Renshiki, Minikami, Menma Azarashi, Giovanni Shizen, Ryuji Kenichi, Bruce Kenichi, Dio Senko
CKau Cobra, Okami, Raion Akuma, Bankai Akuma
DAshen Storm
FShiba Glacier, PTS Raion
Shindo Life Tier List – Best Characters for Shindo Storm League

Shindo Life Sub-Ability Tier List

Sub Abilities are a type of jutsu in the game, along with Elements and Bloodlines jutsus. These range from Martial Arts, to modes and other jutsus. Most of these jutsus can be unlocked by finding their associated scrolls at their location and time. However, some of them can be unlocked by simply just buying them with Ryo in the menu and having the required stats.

NameRequirementsRarityLocationSpawn TimeDetailed LocationLocation Image
Ember HurricaneLVL: [240]TAI: [800]RYO: [35,000]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Raion BarrageLVL: [280]TAI: [1,100]RYO: [45,000]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Ember EntryLVL: [440]TAI: [1,800]RYO: [53,000]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Mighty SmashLVL: [390]TAI: [2,200]RYO: [63,000]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Azarashi BarrageLVL: [460]TAI: [2,500]RYO: [70,000]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Ryuji AxisLVL: [510]TAI: [2,800]RYO: [80,000]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Ember RisingLVL: [580]TAI: [3,100]RYO: [88,000]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Combo BreakerLVL: [640]TAI: [3,300]RYO: [95,000]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Spirit FistLVL: [720]TAI: [3,800]RYO: [180,000]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Spirit SmashLVL: [790]TAI: [4,000]RYO: [230,000]N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Spirit SpearLVL: [800]TAI: [4,300]RYO: [250,000]1/7Training Fields1:30Center of Training Fields between both training log locations.N/A
Saberu SupriseLVL: [999]TAI: [4999]RYO: [400,000]1/20Training Fields1:50Near three training logs.N/A
Shindo Life Sub-Ability Tier List


Shindo Life is a Roblox game developed by group RELL World. It is a Naruto-style game, taking place in a world similar to the game. The Shindo Life Wiki is dedicated to serving as an encyclopedia for Shindo Life and being a resource for the community

Bloodline Jutsu/Modes

NameRequirementsRarityLocationTimeDetailed Location
Demon Gate SpiritLVL: [300]NIN: [1,000]RYO: [120,000]1/14Ember Village3:30Can be found near three training logs.
Heavenly SpiritLVL: [330]NIN: [1.400]RYO: [500,000]1/11Dunes Village6:45Can be found on the bridge leading to the Dunes Village.
Bat Cursed SpiritLVL: [440]NIN: [1,600]RYO: [250,000]1/15Forest Of Embers2:15Near the main bridge at Forest of Embers.
Shock CloakLVL: [600]CHI: [3,000]RYO: [500,000]1/25Nimbus Village7:35Behind the Raikage Office.
Su Tailed SpiritLVL: [500]CHI: [1,800]RYO: [1,000,000]1/10Dunes Village3:30In the outskirts of the Dunes Village.
Mao Tailed SpiritLVL: [500]NIN: [1,800]RYO: [1,000,000]1/10Nimbus Village3:10Right of the Samurai Bridge below entrance on the water.
Isu Tailed SpiritLVL: [500]CHI: [1,800]RYO: [1,000,000]1/10Haze Village9:30Right of Haze Village bridge on the water (not to be confused with Naruto bridge).
Sun Tailed SpiritLVL: [500]NIN: [1,800]RYO: [1,000,000]1/10Obelisk Village11:30Near the Final Valley in the Obelisk Village, near several stone pillars.
Ku Tailed SpiritLVL: [500]CHI: [1,800]RYO: [1,000,000]1/10Obelisk Village12:10At the river bank of the Final Valley.
Sei Tailed SpiritLVL: [500]NIN: [1,800]RYO: [1,000,000]1/10Haze Village10:10Right of Naruto Bridge on the water (not to be confused with Haze Village bridge).
Chu Tailed SpiritLVL: [500]CHI: [1,800]RYO: [1,000,000]1/10Dunes Village7:10Opposite side of Dunes Village on the far right corner at the closest edge of the forest.
Gai Tailed SpiritLVL: [500]NIN: [1,800]RYO: [1,000,000]1/10Nimbus Village8:25Right of the Nimbus Village Bridge below entrance on the water.
Kor Tailed SpiritLVL: [500]CHI: [1,800]RYO: [1,000,000]1/15Ember Village6:10Right of the Miniature Forest of Embers on the lake.
Frog Spirit AwakenLVL: [700]NIN: [3,000]RYO: [500,000]1/25Ember Village2:45At Mt. Myoboku, in front of a shrine.
Vapor Inner SpiritLVL: [500]NIN: [2,500]RYO: [55,000]N/AN/AN/AFound in the “mode” section.
Finite Strength SpiritLVL: [700]CHI: [2,300]RYO: [65,000]1/16Training Fields2:45On a rock in the corner of Training Fields
Demonic SpiritLVL: [450]NIN: [2,400]RYO: [200,000]1/8Haze Village2:45Next to the shore of the Great Naruto Bridge.
Snail Spirit AwakenLVL: [700]NIN: [3,000]RYO: [500,000]1/40Obelisk Village5:20In front of a shrine in the Damp Bone Forest.
Cobra Spirit AwakenLVL: [700]NIN: [3,000]RYO: [500,000]1/50Obelisk Village2:35Bottom of Orochimaru’s hideout in a cave next to a shrine.
Tyn Tailed SpiritNone1/30War ModeWave 20Defeat Tyn Spirit, 1/30 chance to drop scroll
Puppet Platinum HalloweenLVL: [800]CHI: [5,000]RYO: [1,800,000]1/60Dunes Village8:20Next to the arena, behind a tall rock.
Specialist SpiritLVL: [950]TAI: [5,000]RYO: [5,000,000]1/45Ember Village5:35On top of a tree in the Miniature Forest of Embers.
Ember Fate SpiritLVL: [999]NIN: [4,999]RYO: [4,000,000]1/20Ember Village5:25In the middle of the miniature Forest of Embers.
Obelisk Fate SpiritLVL: [999]NIN: [4,999]RYO: [4,000,000]1/20Obelisk Village7:30In the outskirts of the Obelisk Village, near Stone Control and Snail Spirit Awaken.
Haze Fate SpiritLVL: [999]NIN: [4,999]RYO: [4,000,000]1/20Haze Village6:20On the water to the right of the Great Naruto Bridge, near Demonic Spirit.
Dunes Fate SpiritLVL: [999]NIN: [4,999]RYO: [4,000,000]1/20Dunes Village4:30In the outskirts of the Dunes Village, near Firework Subjutsu.
Nimbus Fate SpiritLVL: [999]NIN: [4,999]RYO: [4,000,000]1/20Nimbus Village8:10Next to the Samurai Bridge, near the location of Mao Tailed Spirit and Eagle Companion.
Santa Platinum WinterLVL: [800]CHI: [5,000]RYO: [1,800,000]1/25Nimbus Village1:15In the outskirts of the Nimbus Village, in the Land of Iron.
Mastered Frog SpiritLVL: [700]NIN: [3,000]RYO: [1,500,000]1/30Ember Village2:45In the outskirts of the Ember Village, in Mt. Myoboku near the Frog Spirit Awaken.
Reptile Cursed SpiritLVL: [440]NIN: [1,600]RYO: [250,000]1/30Storm Village12:20On a platform of a building in the corner of the city.
Spider Cursed SpiritLVL: [440]NIN: [1,600]RYO: [250,000]1/35Training Fields2:20In the corner of Training Fields, between a tree and training logs.
Akuma Eternal HandLVL: [800]NIN: [5,000]RYO: [1,000,000]1/70Ember Village12:20On top of a large tall tree outside of the fence surrounding the miniature Forest of Embers.
Rab Tailed SpiritLVL: [700]CHI: [5,000]RYO: [6,000,000]1/15Tempest Village4:20On the water outside of the Tempest Village.
Mastered Rabbit SpiritLVL: [700]NIN: [3,000]RYO: [2,500,000]1/35Dunes Village8:20In the corner of a mountain, near a large tree and a bridge outside of the Dunes Village.
Captain JokeiLVL: [800]CHI: [5,000]RYO: [3,000,000]1/500Obelisk Village5:30On a patch of grass at the bottom of Tsuchikage Office’s mountain.
Toad Cursed SpiritLVL: [950]CHI: [5,000]RYO: [3,000,000]1/250Tempest Village1:20On a platform under the balcony of a tower.
Cobra Stretch ModeLVL: [600]CHI: [0]RYO: [0]1/60Tempest Village7:45On a mountain at the edge of the Tempest Village.
Divination SpiritLVL: [800]CHI: [5,000]RYO: [1,800,000]1/120New Ember Village2:20On top of the Hokage office.
Bloodline Jutsu/Modes

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