Shindo Life Codes (20, January 2022) – Free Spins, RELLcoins and Experience!

Shindo Life Codes | Roblox Shindo Life will allow you to live the life of ninjas in a completely new environment. It was previously referred to as “Shinobi Life 2“, but because of some copyright problems things were shifted. If you want to boost your character, you can get all Shindo Life codes here! Shindo life started with an anime called “Shinobi Life” and “Naruto“. You create your characters with spinning elements and bloodlines which determine their powers and abilities.

Shindo Life Codes (Working) 20 January 2022

Shindo Life CodesShindo Life Codes Description
REELsantar!  500 Spins + 90k RELLcoins (NEW)
REELclaus!  500 Spins (NEW)
REELcookies!  500 Spins (NEW)
REELworked!  100 Spins + 10,000 RELLcoins (NEW)
REELlicks!  200 Spins (NEW)
PeterPorker! 150 spins
BullyMaguire! 150 spins
Spooderman! Stat points reset
Subscribe2CaribBros! 15,000 RELLcoins
AlphiramaAkuma! 150 spins
AlphiramaShizen! 150 spins
Cowabunging! 5k RELLcoins
FannyPacked! 40 spins
BIGmonLEEKS! 200 spins
DEEBLEexPE! double EXP
UpdateIsHERE! 20k RELLcoins
Pray4Update! 200 spins
de2001! 500 spins
  de2002! 500 spins
de2003! 500 spins
de2004! 500 spins
de2005! 74 spins
BelieveOtMon! 90 spins
bigExperienceMon! Double EXP for one hour
ToSleepMon! 50 spins and 5,000 RELLcoins
bossMonRELL! 90 Spins
bigjobMON! 30 Spins
ShindoBlickyHittingMilly! 150 Spins & 10,000 RELLcoins
BankaiZenDokei! 500 Spins and 50k RELLcoins
IeatChiken! 200 Spins
giftFOEdayZ! 5m+ EXP
bigthickcodeMon! 90 Spins
J0eStar! 30 Spins
chillenBuildenMon! 30 Spins
howToSleepMon! 5,000 RELL coins and 50 spins
  berryCoolMon! 30 spins
bigExperienceMon! One hour of double EXP
BankaiDokei! 250 spins and 25,000 RELL coins
deTingBigMon! 5,000 RELL coins and 50 spins
halfChikenMon! 90 spins
fellaDeRELLa! 30 spins
RunningfromDeMon! 200 spins
BigRELLmonCode! 5,000 RELL coins and 50 spins
checkmateMon! 30 spins
bigBeardMon! Five million EXP
tingsMonTings! One hour of double EXP
useDeBrainMon! 90 spins
RELLniceCode! 7,000 RELL coins and 70 spins
CleanAnimsMON! 30 spins
PetdeDogMon! 90 spins
FiredUpMon! 30 Spins
150kayRC! 150,000 RELL coins
100OPDATESmon! 90 spins
BenkeiEkuman! 90 spins
HardWokMon! 90 spins
FlippingWokMon! 90 spins
poopENhoopyEn 25 spins and 2,000 RELL coins
VerifiedTwitter! 75 spins and 5,000 RELL coins
LetDeMonWok! 90 spins
BacktoWok! 90 spins
bigUPyup! 100 spins
ShootingSTarS 100 spins
R3LLPATCHY! 50 spins and 5,000 RELL coins
NewEFFECTS! 500 spins
ShindoGraphics! 500 spins
BETTERgraphics! 250 spins
EpicGRAPHICS! 30,000 RELL coins
beDaSauceMon! 90 spins
biggerShOOs! 25 spins
chadSanGiGA! double exp
DaBoatWEELfloat! 5k RELL coins
chapEmUp! 90 spins
shrekT! 25 spins
shhneckT! 25 spins
shhcheaKs! 25 spins
Raioojun! 90 spins
TaiMister! 150 spins
10MillEXP! 10,000,000 EXP and 4,000 RELL coins
S0rry4BUGZ! 4,000 RELL coins and 50 spins
iLLoutWORKanyone! 100 spins
grindOFaGOD! 100 spins
ENERGYofAGOD! 25 spins
GOATofaBOATfloat! 100 spins
BigShindoGuns! 90 spins
GEToutMYwayNOOB! 90 spins
RELLpieceW! 500 spins
1YearSL2! 500 spins
25KR3LLCO1NZZ! 25k RELL coins
LoopyGomgom 90 spins
GOTTAkeepPUSHINGon spins
holdMYSELFtogether spins
ShinBenTen spins
ShinRen! spins
GOTTAkeepGOING! spins
KazeM1na! spins
Minakaze! 110 spins
PROVEemWRONG! 25 spins
SarachiaAkuma! 100 spins
aNewFEELing! 90 spins
work2HARD! 90 spins
fightTHEweakness! 30 spins
ShindoStorm! 200 spins
Shindo Life Codes

How to Redeem Shindo Life Codes?

  • Launch Shindo Life through Roblox
  • Scroll through the main menu until you find Edit
  • Type or paste your Shindo Life code into the box in the top-right (press Tab on PC if the Roblox UI is in the way)
  • Working Shindo Life codes will be redeemed automatically when entered
A screenshot showing how to use spins in the Shindo Life game in Roblox.
Shindo Life Codes

What are Codes?

A game code is a serial number made up of a series of digits and numbers. This code is a personal proof of ownership that you can activate on gaming platforms such as Steam. You can only exchange a game code once for a game, so that you receive the game in your account. Later it is always possible to download the game again and play it via your account, even if you have already removed the game from your computer. Game keys are also known as game codes, activation codes or product codes.

How Do I Spin in Shindo Life?

  • Enter the ‘Edit’ menu from the main menu
  • Click either the ‘Elements’ or ‘Bloodline’ buttons around your character
  • Click the ‘Spin’ button beneath any unlocked Element or Bloodline slot to use a spin.

How to get more Shindo Life Codes?

Using Shindo Life codes isn’t the only way to get spins. While you’ll get a nice boost this way, you can also earn free spins just by playing the game.

You can get more free spins in Shindo Life simply by completing daily quests and levelling up your character. You’ll even gain a few naturally while logged in and as daily log-in rewards. Of course, you can buy spins with Robux as well.

How do I get a rare Bloodline?

These are the available Bloodlines:

Eye BloodlineRarityLevels
Deva-Rengoku1/13, Deva Boss0-700
Forged-Rengoku1/13, Forged Boss0-600
Shindai-Rengoku1/25, Shindai Rengoku Event0-800
Shindo Life Codes

How to find patch information on Shindo Life?

Shindo Life Update 100 Patch Notes

  • Custom Eye
  • Custom Clothes
  • remove !lowhp command
  • Narumaki Ruby
  • Narumaki Tentacion
  • !revertface command
  • add sfx to new explosion effects
  • RELL Coin prices reduced by 70%
  • Graphics Update (redo graphics on all servers)
  • War Game-Mode Map update
  • New Teleport Icon + Thumbnail for War Game Mode
  • Yang Element is now Limited
  • New Custom Cloud Graphics
  • New Nightime Graphics
  • Sub-Abilities Tab re-organized

Shindo life bloodline tier list – Best Shindo Storm Characters and Bloodlines 2022

Roblox Shindo Life Codes (December 2021) | Free spins and EXPERIENCE!

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