Smash ultimate tier list

Super Smash ultimate tier list

TheΒ Super Smash ultimate tier list is a hotly debated topic amongst the fighting game community. Many players believe the character they main is the greatest, and don’t take criticism lightly. In an attempt to help new or unsure players, we have put together a comprehensive list to help them decide who they may want to try out.

Tier lists are used to gauge whether a character is viable for competitive play. OurΒ Super Smash Bros Ultimate tier listΒ has taken many factors into account, from the character’s individual strengths and weaknesses to their current performance in tournaments. Each character is orderedΒ alphabetically within its tier, and positions on the list are subject to change fairly frequently.

We’ll update this tier list when anyΒ Super Smash Bros Ultimate charactersΒ an update that switches up any stats, so make sure you check back from time to time to keep up to date.

Smash ultimate tier list

TierSuper Smash Bros Ultimate character
SDaisy, Joker, Lucina, Palutena, Peach, Pikachu, Shulk, Snake, Zero Suit Samus
AChrom, Fox, Greninja, Inkling, Kazuya, Mario, Mr. Game & Watch, Olimar, PokΓ©mon Trainer, Pyra/Mythra, R.O.B., Roy, Sora, Wario, Wolf, Young Link
BCaptain Falcon, Cloud, Dark Samus, Diddy Kong, Falco, Ike, Ken, Link, Marth, Mega Man, Mii Fighter (Brawler), Min Min, Ness, Pac-Man, Pichu, Rosalina, Ryu, Samus, Sephiroth, Sheik, Sonic, Terry, Yoshi
CBanjo-Kazooie, Bayonetta, Bowser, Byleth, Corrin, Dark Pit, Duck Hunt Duo, Hero, Jigglypuff, Kirby, Lucario, Lucas, Luigi, Meta Knight, Mewtwo, Mii Fighter (Gunner), Minecraft Steve, Pit, Richter, Ridley, Robin, Simon, Toon Link, Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, Zelda
DBowser Jr., Donkey Kong, Dr. Mario, Ice Climbers, Incineroar, Isabelle, Ganondorf, King Dedede, King K. Rool, Little Mac, Mii Fighter (Swordfighter), Piranha Plant
Smash ultimate tier list

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