Streaming Platforms in 2023 to Kill Boredom

The Internet is the best place to be when you are feeling bored. The online world is filled with
huge loads of stuff that can help you to stay engaged and busy all through the day or whenever
you are feeling bored.

Most people normally try to log on to YouTube and watch stuff like cat videos funny fail
compilations, and many more. But there are other modes of entertainment as well. Thanks to
the streaming platforms and high-speed internet that delivers a seamless experience.

If you are living within the city, you don’t have to worry about searching for the best internet
service provider in your area. You can find any service provider offering cable, DSL, or fiber
internet without any struggle. However, when it comes to rural areas, you have only one option
and that is satellite internet.

On searching, you might find HughesNet for all your internet needs. If you have any questions
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Now let’s move on to what are the best streaming services you could subscribe to kill boredom
at any given time.


Netflix ranks in the top spot for providing streaming services in 2022. With original series,
documentaries, binge-worthy TV shows, and movies, Netflix is a top choice for most streamers.
The company started in 1998 as a DVD rental service. But now it has become a staple for every
household offering shows and movies that are worth giving time to.

Netflix subscription is not much high as its basic plan costs only $9.99 per month and the
premium plan for $19.99 per month. The streaming platform offers you to stream content on up
to 4 devices simultaneously. The subscription is worth giving a try as it does not serve any
commercials, which might put you off when in the middle of the show. However, one of the
downsides is that it does not offer bundle options like other streaming platforms we are going to
discuss later.

YouTube TV

Gone are the days of paying hefty bills for your cable subscription. YouTube TV is here to
address all your TV needs such as sports, entertainment, lifestyle, news, and many more. You
can stream live channels and watch everything without worrying about a hefty cable

One of the advantages of YouTube TV is that you will be getting unlimited cloud DVR storage.
Watch anything later and never miss a show. Unlike cable subscriptions, YouTube TV charges
a flat fee on monthly basis without surprising you with extra or hidden charges. Moreover, you
don’t have to install any equipment to watch your favorite shows.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another great streaming option for cord-cutters and streamers. The service is offered by one of the biggest eCommerce giants Amazon. If you are already a prime member of Amazon offering you fast and free shipping on its orders, you don’t have to pay anything extra.

For a basic subscription, Amazon Prime Video only costs $8.99 per month, which includes three
streams per account simultaneously. Some of the best movies and TV shows you can watch in
your boredom include The Boys, Deep Water, KGF Part 2, The Wheel of Time, Watchmen, The
Six Thatchers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many more.


If you are looking for the best streaming services in 2022 and beyond that are targeted toward children and teens, then Disney+ is a great choice. The launch of Disney Plus was done back in 2019. But within a short time, it has gained more than 100 million subscribers up until now. The monthly subscription to Disney+ costs around $7.99 per month allowing seven profiles and four screens simultaneously.

Disney+ is more of a family streaming service and is a good option for those who have kids at
home. Some of the best movies and shows to watch on Disney Plus include Black Panther,
Hamilton, Star Wars, and Avenger Infinity War. Disney Plus can also be bundled with ESPN+
and Hulu, which can allow you to save more.


When you are looking for the cheapest option, Peacock is the best to go for. The streaming
platform was launched back in 2020 with the main focus on serving people looking forward to
classic TV shows categorized into a bunch of genres. Moreover, if you are interested in
watching the news and late-night shows, Peacock is a much better option without losing your
hard-earned money. It is offered free of cost for two months, while the paid plans cost $4.99 and
$9.99 per month. The latter plan is commercial-free.

Summing Up

When it comes to streaming services, you can choose from plenty of options available at your
disposal. While it depends on what type of programming and on-demand content you like, you
can always pick the one that is free of cost such as Peacock or Netflix which won’t cost you a
hefty amount, unlike cable subscription. While if you want to watch sports and live news, you
can always trust YouTube TV for all your needs.

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