Thetan arena hack script download for free

Thetan arena hack script download for free 2022

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Game Description

Thetan Arena’s gameplay is meant to mix your personal skills and cooperation. Challenge yourself with numerous game modes: from classic MOBA tower rush to battle royale, coming back with monthly updates and enticing rewards. Moreover, Thetan Arena introduces to you a new play to earn system, permitting you to earn cryptocurrency by taking part in and commerce Heroes on the marketplace

With Thetan Arena, Wolffun needs to bring you associate all-ages-friendly liberated to play PvP MOBA mobile game, appropriate for all kinds of gamers: from casual players who have very little time to pay, to hardcore players who are trying to find real challenges. It doesn’t matter what quantity you invest in our game, there’ll be potentialities for you to vie against the others. Now, let your heroes strike!

– Battle Royale: [solo/ duo] a brand-new mode to find the last man standing. Show your tactics and survive among a massive battle of 42 players/ 21 duos.
– Deathmatch: a traditional PvP mode. Form a group of 4 players and battle with others.
– Superstar: gathering the superstar quickly before the enemies do.
– Tower Destroy: a classic MOBA mode. Rush toward your enemy nexus and bring it down.

– Equip your heroes with a wide selection of skills, aside from their signature abilities – creating more possible combinations and strategies to survive on the battlefield.

They are categorized into 3 distinctively different skills sets:
+ Effect skills: inflicting status on self, allies, and enemies.

+ Damage skills: used to greatly increase the amount of damage in a short period.
+Support skills: aiding you against attacks of enemies.
– Matches last up to 5 minutes – ideal for on-the-go gaming as well as casual and mid-core players.
– More than 30 heroes and still being released. Each hero comes with a signature ability (fury), assured to turn battles upside down when used at the right time.

– Free to play with free heroes and skills.
– A brand-new play to earn system, allowing you to earn cryptocurrency.
– Trade items and skins on the marketplace.
– Monthly-updated contents.
– Periodically special events: campaign, collection, leaderboard competition, war.
– Get rewards for every achievement and milestone in your progression.
– Ranking system with generous rewards for top tier players.
– Pet system.
– Leasing system.
– Guild quests/ wars.
– Tournament.
– A healthy and active community.

Gather your friends and get ready for battles.
Glorious victory awaits you all there, in the Thetan Arena.

Thetan arena hack script download for free

To download the script click below and you will be redirected to another page. After that scrolls down and click again on download button. After that your Download will be started.

To know how to use script see Video which is given below.
Thetan arena hack script download for free

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