TOP 10: Best Primary Schools in Townsville, 2021

TOP 10: Best Primary Schools in Townsville, 2021

Best Primary Schools in TownsvilleWithout mincing words, there are probably several dozen top primary schools in Townsville, serving the populace of over 190,000.

Education is one of the major driving forces behind the blooming State’s economy. Townsville is one of many processing and manufacturing hubs in Australia – thanks to the metals refineries, especially, zinc which is one of the world’s largest – accounting for a large proportion of the State’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Having said that, Townsville is regarded as a household name in the state of Queenslandβ€”for some good reasons. Firstly, its diverse economy, healthcare, and manufacturing give room for a steady, and blossoming economy.

Secondly and most importantly, its strength and strict policies in education are something many will admire.

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It can be a little tricky to find the best Townsville primary schools, to start with. Plus, its time consuming, but it’s well worth the effort.

Townsville Primary Schools

We know how it feels like when your child is ready to set off for primary school. You’ll most definitely want to send him to a school deemed perfect. With this, you’re probably going to start exploring which is the most ideal school for your child.

Ideally, you should read this article to the very end to uncover the top 10 best primary schools in Townsville, Queensland. This will help you make a proper decision for your child.

More often than not, the recommended rule of thumb is to always choose and stick to a school nearer to your residence. This will allow quick movement, to and fro the school.

However, while some primary schools in Townsville may only give admission to children who live within the catchment zone, others might as well enroll kids outside the catchment area.

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It is always advisable to check or touch base with the school administration to find out their admission procedures.

Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Townsville

1. Townsville South State School

Townsville South State School is a coeducational state-run primary school located on Tully Street, South Townsville, Queensland.

It was founded in 1884 and currently caters to learners from Preparatory to Year 6. The school pride itself on experienced staff members who are highly committed to providing quality and professional education to learners in a safe, friendly, and stimulating environment. Best Primary Schools in Townsville

The initiative of Resource Scheme Levy allows parents the opportunity to save time, money, without compromising the quality resources for the students.

Townsville, in addition, offers a plethora of extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, and societies as well as camps and excursions. Best Primary Schools in Townsville

2. Townsville Central State School

Founded in 1869, Townsville Central State School is the oldest school in Townsville, and in 2019 it celebrated its 150th year anniversary. The school is situated on Warburton Street, North Ward, Queensland. Best Primary Schools in Townsville

While it’s essentially catering to students from Preparatory to Year 6, it also incorporates a stimulating learning curriculum to its syllabus, making it easier to prepare and nurture each child to become an independent learner.

In addition, there are various ways in which students can interact and engage with the curriculum. These include Art Club, Wellbeing Club, Sporting Schools, Science Club, Global Tropics, Japanese Club, Hot Ropes, and Opti-Minds. Plus, a large chunk of students also takes part in Drama, and Music Program.

Townsville Central State School has many of the 21st-century learning facilities. These include interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, iPads, digital microscopes, cameras, and video cameras. Best Primary Schools in Townsville

Best Public Primary Schools in Townsville

3. Townsville West State School

Townsville West State School is one of the oldest primary schools in Townsville. Serving pupils from Preparatory to Year 6, its current enrollment is approximately 120.

The school provides quality education to children and families around Castle Hill and beyond. As part of its efforts in providing top-notch education to the pupils, the school maintains a minimal enrollment, and class sizes are also kept small. Best Primary Schools in Townsville

And given that a great deal of students at the school comes from different cultural backgrounds, keeping a small class size is ideal and allows them the freedom and opportunity to express themselves in and outside the classroom.

4. Townsville Grammar School | Best Primary Schools in Townsville

Townsville Grammar School is a nondenominational, coeducational school catering to students from Pre-Preparatory to Year 12. The school is split into three campuses: North Ward, North Shore, and Annandale Campus. Best Primary Schools in Townsville

However, of the three campuses, only two (North Shore and Annandale Campuses) serve pupils from Pre-Preparatory to Year 6. Also, the school provides boarding facilities to students from Years 7 to 12.

From its inception, Townsville Grammar has delivered, and still delivering quality education to the increasing population of students across the three campuses.

The school is popularly known for its outstanding teachings and curriculum. Teachers at the school are well versed and are committed to nurturing and bringing out the best in each child. Best Primary Schools in Townsville

Townsville Grammar School is a fee-paying school with an annual and termly Tuition fee of $26,650 and $6,662.50, respectively.

5. Annandale Christian College

Annandale Christian College is a coeducational, nondenominational school situated in suburban Townsville. During its early days, the school opened with just 13 students and one teacher, and later become one of the best primary schools in Townsville.

Today, the school has a total enrollment of approximately 600 students from Kindergarten to Year 12. Founded in 1982 with the purpose to provide quality and inclusive education in line with the growing population, while also striving to develop and nurture every student in a Godly and friendly atmosphere. Best Primary Schools in Townsville

From the Early Learning Centre through to Year 12, Annandale Christian College has a plethora of facilities including state-of-the-art Visual Arts facilities, IT, and Science Laboratories. Plus, facilities in Performing Arts; Drama, and Music Classrooms.

Despite being a fee-paying school, it provides a very affordable option for parents who’re on the lookout for Christian education. The standard Tuition fees for a single student ranges from $2,400 to $5,350 per year.

6. Hermit Park State School

Hermit Park State School was established in 1924 and currently has an enrollment of approximately 670 students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

The school is situated in the corner of Surrey and Sussex Streets, Hyde Park, Queensland, Australia, and is administered by the State of Queensland Department of Education. Best Primary Schools in Townsville

As a coeducational, Independent Public school, Hermit Park State School is popular for its achievement in Information Communication Technology (ICT). It also has passionate teaching staff members who are committed to developing and nurturing students in a stimulating and motivational environment.

However, apart from its exceptional achievements both locally and internationally, it also provides a host of opportunities in areas such as artistic, academic, physical, and environmental. Best Primary Schools in Townsville

Top Catholic Primary Schools in Townsville

7. Marian Catholic School

The list of top primary schools in Townsville is never completed without the mention of Marian Catholic School. The school is a Catholic primary school catering to approximately 380 boys and girls students, from Kindergarten to Year 6.

As a school whose focus is aimed at nurturing and facilitating the growth of every learner to its fullest; students are offered many intriguing opportunities to learn and develop themselves. Best Primary Schools in Townsville

Marian Catholic School is not known only for its outstanding education, but also for its affordability. Although it provides a cheap and affordable education to Christian families, that does not compromise the quality of education.

With that said, parents and families who are living within the catchment area can send their children to a school that underpins the Christian ethos.

The total school fees per child at Marian Catholic School is $781 per term or $3,094 per year. Fees include Tuition, Development Levy, Resource Levy, and P & F Levy.

8. St Joseph’s Catholic School, The Strand

Denominational schools account for a fair percentage of primary schools in Townsville. St Joseph’s Catholic School, The Strand is one of many denominational schools in the city.

The school provides a top-notch education, serving children and families across the North Ward region and its suburbs. St Joseph’s pride itself as the first Catholic school to be established in Townsville.

147 years and counting, the school is standing tall and offering an outstanding education to learners from Kindergarten through to Year 6. Best Primary Schools in Townsville

Enrollment at the school is purely based upon the availability of an appropriate placement for a child.

At St Joseph’s Catholic School, The Strand, school fees are paid on a termly or yearly basis. The school fee per term is $842.25 per child; while $3,369 is charged per annum. However, these fees exclude Resource Levy, Computer Levy, and Excursion Levy.

9. St Patrick’s College

St Patrick’s College is an independent, coeducational day and boarding school for girls situated in Townsville, Queensland, and caters to students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

With the mission to nurture and develop every young learner in a stimulating and student-friendly environment, the school offers a lot of opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities, including sports and music.

As a school with boarding facilities, the boarding fee per child is $9,415 per semester and $18,830 per yearβ€”including GST and levies. Best Primary Schools in Townsville

However, only students from Year 7 to Year 12 are eligible to live in the hostel. In addition, school fees per student-run from $2,600 to $5,385, including levies.

10. The Cathedral School of St Anne & St James

The Cathedral School of St Anne & St James is the only coeducational private Anglican School in Townsville, serving children from Preparatory to Year 12, including boardersβ€”usually from Year 7 to Year 12.

The school is known to provide a well-rounded education aimed at nurturing and developing each child to become an independent learner.

Thanks to the committed teachers who strive to inculcate the best quality education to the students, through the use of 21st-century learning facilities and technologies.

Also, the implementation of ICT to the school’s curriculum has helped a lot of students to achieve literacy in computers and other related fields.

At Cathedral School, students are offered the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow in a wonderful and exciting environment. Best Primary Schools in Townsville

Final Thoughts

Townsville is home to more than 60 independent and public primary and high schools. These comprise coeducational and single-sex schools of different denominations.

A few proportions of primary schools in Townsville are denominational, including private schools; while the vast majority are state/government or public schools.

However, they’re all subject to policy development and the curriculum implementation of the Queensland Department of Education. In other words, primary schools in Townsville are administered by the QLD Department of Education. Best Primary Schools in Townsville

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