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Best Earphones under ₹1000 in India : Buy now

Best Earphones under ₹1000 in India. Best or good music experience, you need a good pair of earphones. But finding the best earphones is not that easy task and it also takes a lot of time.

But the good thing is that now you don’t need to waste your valuable time? Just pick the right pair from our list of best earphones under ₹1000.

Here are the best earphones under ₹1000 in India.

1. Boult Audio ProBass Curve

Best Earphones under ₹1000 in India

Price : ₹999

[WPSM_AC id=458]

2. Portronics Harmonics 222

Price : ₹949

[WPSM_AC id=460]

3. Sony MDR-EX150AP

Price : ₹999

[WPSM_AC id=466]

4. JBL C200SI

best earphones under ₹1000 in india

Price : ₹799

[WPSM_AC id=469]

5. Sennheiser CX 180

best earphones under ₹1000 in india

Price : ₹819

[WPSM_AC id=471]

6. Mi Dual Driver

best earphones under ₹1000 in india

Price : ₹799

[WPSM_AC id=475]

7. 1MORE Piston

best earphones under ₹1000 in india

Price : ₹909

[WPSM_AC id=479]

These are the best earphones under ₹1000. Buy any of you like just by clicking on name or image.

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Earphones hang on the outer-side of the ear; they do not enter your ear canals. Earphones are always used in sync with signal receivers as a part of assistive listening systems. The design of the earphone is comfortable and gives you full bass support.

The audio quality also depends on the kind of earphone model and brand you choose. Earphones can be used in both ears for immersive music experience. However, most people use single earphone in their ear while travelling so that they are aware of the external noises and surroundings around them.

In headphones vs earphones, the latter option is popular for music listening. Earphones are also called as in-ear headphones.

Is boAt better than JBL?

boAt still has some amazing earphones in 2-3K INR price range and they are pretty good to beat others but if you go to a higher end of JBL you will get some class on ear and over ear headphones but boAts In-ear headphones are ruling the market right now and these days people are more towards the In-ear headphones.

Best Headphones & Headset Brands

  • Sony Headphones & Headsets.
  • Apple Headphones & Headsets.
  • Sennheiser Headphones & Headsets.
  • JBL Headphones & Headsets.
  • Beats Headphones & Headsets.
  • iBall Headphones & Headsets.
  • Bose Headphones & Headsets.
  • Logitech Headphones & Headsets.

Is Sony better than JBL?

The reason for this is because u can’t find any difference in SOUND QUALITY/BASS/SOUND CLEARITY between double/tripple time costing any other product than this JBL earphones. I am using this earphones for more than 4 months and they just sound like my old sony earphones but @ just half the price range.(therefore)

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