Top 10 Wierdest Secret doors in Roblox Doors

Top 10 Wierdest Secret doors in Roblox Doors

Players have often speculated about the true nature of the hotel in Roblox Doors, and some theories suggest that the hotel is a manifestation of the player’s subconscious mind. This theory is supported by the fact that the game’s main character appears to be trapped within his own mind, struggling with his own personal demons. This is further reinforced by the fact that many of the rooms in the hotel appear to be distorted versions of the protagonist’s own memories and experiences.

Additionally, the game’s developer has stated that the game is inspired by the works of David Lynch, a filmmaker known for his surreal and mind-bending stories. This could suggest that the hotel in Roblox Doors is intended to be a surreal and abstract representation of the protagonist’s own mind, rather than a physical location.

Top 10 Wierdest Secret doors in Roblox Doors


Another interesting secret in Roblox Doors is the existence of a hidden area known as “The Dark Room”. This area is accessed by using a key found in Room 400 and traveling through a hidden passage. Once inside, players will find themselves in a completely dark room with a single glowing object in the center. Interacting with the object will cause the room to fill with strange symbols and whispers, which some players believe to be hints about the game’s story and secrets.


The true purpose of The Dark Room is still unknown, and it remains one of the most mysterious secrets in the game. Some players speculate that it could be related to the game’s underlying lore, while others believe that it could be a nod to the “Red Room” from the TV show Twin Peaks, another work of David Lynch.


Finally, one of the weirdest secrets in Roblox Doors is the existence of a hidden figure known as “The Listener”. This figure is completely hidden within the game’s code and cannot be encountered through normal gameplay. However, some players have managed to uncover clues about The Listener’s existence, suggesting that it may be a secret character or entity hidden within the game.


Out of all the damage dealing entities within Roblox Doors, only Snare is left without an achievement tied to it. It’s unknown why the developers decided to leave Snare without an achievement, but at least the entity doesn’t cause harm to the player when they stop on top of it.


There have been reports of the Guiding Light spawning in the message “Died to Spider…” in Roblox Doors. While Timothy is known to never cause game overs within the game, encountering Timothy multiple times or encountering a bug where the player dies to something that isn’t a known entity can cause the Guiding Light to bring up the message during the game over screen.


In the past, the electrical room locked door in Roblox Doors would only work with its designated electrical room key. However, since the Hotel+ update, players have been able to use normal lockpicks to open the door. This trick still works in the game, allowing players to bypass the need to hunt down the electrical key and escape from the Figure when they start chasing players down.


Each room within The Rooms in Roblox Doors is about 200 studs long, which is the standard unit of measurement within the Roblox world. As players reach closer to Room 1000, their character models can glitch out and appear buggier and glitchier due to the platform engine’s limitations. This is an interesting yet weird fact when it comes to the structural integrity of The Rooms themselves.


The in-game time in Roblox Doors always starts at 00:43 AM on the clock in the hotel lobby, contrary to the belief that it starts at midnight or 4 AM. While this may seem like a pointless detail, it could hint at something in a future update.


Screech and Seek, two entities in Roblox Doors, share a similar physical appearance made up of the same covered slime found in Seek’s rising puddle animation. This could suggest a connection between the two entities, and players can expect a major discovery between them both in a future update.


In the world of video games, there are often small details that go unnoticed or unappreciated by players. However, sometimes these small events can hold a lot of significance and add depth to the game’s storyline. One such event can be found in the popular indie horror game “Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion.”

As players approach Room 50 in the game’s hotel section, a cutscene featuring the game’s mysterious antagonist, known only as “The Figure,” occurs. This cutscene is nothing out of the ordinary and occurs multiple times throughout the game. However, something strange happens during this particular cutscene.

As The Figure enters the room, a lamp on a nearby table falls to the ground, causing a loud noise. The Figure is then distracted by the sound and rushes over to investigate. After The Figure leaves, players can see blue sparkles emanating from the fallen lamp. This event seems to connect the lamp to the Guiding Light, a mysterious entity that helps the player navigate through the game’s various areas.

Top 10 Wierdest Secret doors in Roblox Doors


The exact purpose and nature of The Listener is still unknown, and some players speculate that it may be related to the game’s story or future updates. Whatever the case may be, The Listener remains one of the most mysterious and intriguing secrets in Roblox Doors.

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