TOP 10 WORST Roblox Updates 2022

TOP 10 WORST Roblox Updates 2022

Hello Friends My name is Anshul Patel and today I am going to tell you about the TOP 10 WORST Roblox Updates. There are lots of updates are on Roblox platform but we are considering the worst Roblox updates which are followed by Roblox community.

TOP 10 WORST Roblox Updates 2022

The first update is that removed guests from Roblox if you don’t know before 2017 Roblox players actually didn’t need an account to play Roblox. They could just play as a guest these guest players were unable to change their avatar interact with anyone in game purchase items or game passes and much more. They were essentially just Roblox trial accounts guests were ultimately removed though in 2017 to encourage players to make actual accounts and to stop exploiters from abusing the guest system in order to hack games.

The Second-worst update is that removed ticks if you don’t know ticks used to be an alternate currency in Roblox alongside. Robux players could earn ticks for free by simply logging in each day and playing some Roblox games. You could then buy items with takes or even convert ticks into Roblox in order to buy robux items the problem though is that hackers made massive bot farms that would farm ticks. Thus giving them infinite amounts of robux and ruining the entire Roblox economy, so Roblox ended up having to remove it.

Third one is filtering enabled update now if you’ve never heard the words filtering enabled before essentially what it means. Is it was an update that Roblox released that stop individual Roblox clients from being able to modify Roblox servers or in other words hackers could no longer make changes to the games they were playing it was an overall great idea that stopped many hacking problems on Roblox. However it also meant that any games without filtering enable turned on would be unplayable so if you’ve ever wondered why you can’t go back and play most classic Roblox games.

Fourth-worst update is a more recent update of the copyrighted music removal update earlier this year in 2022. Roblox was sued by numerous music labels and agencies for allowing Roblox players to upload copyrighted music and sounds to the Roblox marketplace. They said that Roblox allowing players to play copyrighted music inside of games through the use of items like the radio and the jukebox violates copyright law in Roblox must take action and well Roblox did take action they removed every piece of copyrighted music from the marketplace. Thus making Roblox items like the radio and jukebox permanently useless.

At number five is the removal of the hoof sound. Basically , all you need to know is that Roblox accidentally stole the iconic cube sound back in 2006 and has been using it without the creator’s permission ever since and in 2020. The creator actually sued Roblox because of this and asked Roblox if they’d like to just purchase the sound in order to keep using it. Well, Roblox said no they didn’t want to purchase the sound and well as a result, they were legally required to remove it from the game and so they replaced this sound.

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The sixth-worst update is removal of events if you don’t know Roblox used to create massive community-wide events every year on Roblox events such as hollows eve and the yearly Roblox egg hunts. However in 2019 Roblox announced that they would be stopping traditional events. Instead of letting developers create their own events this was called the live ops program basically instead of Roblox creating events themselves they would instead sponsor in-game events.

That individual developers would create this program didn’t last very long though due to not many developers creating events for it and because the events they did create didn’t actually offer any items for completing them and as a result nobody actually bothered playing them, so Roblox shut down the program completely later that year and that would be the end of traditional Roblox events.

At number seven we have genre sorting this one is actually pretty simple used to be able to sort and filter Roblox games on the Discover page by individual genres. For example if you want to play a horror game you could just filter by horror games or if you wanted to do a school role play that day you could filter by school games. Well Roblox removed genre sorting a few years back for an unknown reason and hasn’t added it back since in fact the only way to get genre sorting back right now is by using third-party browser extensions like row pro.

At number Eight the lifetime builders club removal update, so before Roblox premium was actually called Roblox premium it was called the Roblox builders club and one option you had with builders club was to buy a lifetime subscription to it for a few hundred dollars. This meant that for the rest of your life you would have a permanent Roblox subscription giving you tons of free robux every single month forever. Roblox removed this option though for pretty obvious reasons Roblox was losing a lot of money by giving players a lifetime subscription for only a few hundred dollars.

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Ninth-worst update is Anthro avatars now you probably don’t even remember that these existed but back in 2017. Before anthro avatars ever existed Roblox announced a new line of avatars coming out called anthro avatars. These avatars were incredibly realistic even more so than the current anthro avatars and once announced the community went into an uproar Roblox players did not like them at all now the funny thing. It is that anthro avatars were actually never officially released they would go on to be almost completely redesigned before coming back in 2018 as what you know them as today arthro avatars.

At number Ten is the sponsored Roblox events you remember, how I said Roblox removed all events a few years back well that’s not entirely true because at the beginning of this year 2022. Roblox brought back events in the form of sponsored advertisement games basically large companies like Nike nickelodeon Spotify etc. Could make their own Roblox games, but the problem is that these games aren’t your typical Roblox games. They’re actually just advertisements disguised as games as you might expect Roblox players do not like them one bit they’re usually extremely boring to play with very limited gameplay, they’re also usually very buggy and also extremely laggy.

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