Triangle Strategy Unit Tier List (2022)

Triangle Strategy Unit Tier List (2022)

Hello Friends, Welcome to LIONJEK, In this article I am going to share the Triangle Strategy Unit Tier List, It will help you to choose the unit according to your requirements. Because Triangle Strategy is a strategy role-playing with the 30 playable characters, and you don’t have enough resources to invest on them even when you’re at the end. Whenever, you got a new unit you might think that is it good or not.

But I have to say that All of them have their own unique uses. Whether it’s for stalling, grinding, or trapping enemies, every character in this game can be put into good use.


So, to help with your strategies, we’ve created a Triangle Strategy Unit Tier List. Each character is graded based on the following:

  • Power (determined by either Strength or Magic Attack and offensive skills)
  • Utility (how well their skills can support the team)
  • Physical and Magic Defense
  • Evasion
  • Mobility (determined by how far and high they can walk)

We didn’t rank the unit, we’ve just given you a broad description of every unit on the about factors.

Triangle Strategy Unit Tier List

Triangle Strategy CharacterTypePowerUtilityP. Def.M. Def.EvasionMobility
Serenoa WolffortWarriorA+BAAB+C
Benedict PascalSupportCSSADB
Hughette BucklarArcherAAACCS
Roland GlenbrookCavalryA+CBBBS
Anna PascalAssassinAA+ACSA+
Erador BallentineShieldbearerBSS+FBD
Geela BreisseMageDSCACC
Frederica AesfrostMageSDDSDC
Jens MacherSupportCA+SFAC
Rudolph MuellerArcherACAACC
Julio WrightmanSupportB+SAABC
Corentin JennarMageABDSDC
Ezana Q’linkaMageSAFADD
Lionel KhapitaSupportCBSCCD
Medina AlliamSupportDS+ABCA
Hossabara FreyyaCavalryDABCBS
Groma JurginaMonkBBAASB
Narve OparynMageBC+DBCD
Flanagan GruetteShieldbearerCASDBS
Milo YuelleDancerCAASS+S+
Cordelia GlenbrookMageFSCBCD
Giovanna KoppelMageBCBACS
Maxwell TrierWarriorA+DAAAS
Triangle Strategy Unit Tier List


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