Ways People in Asia Make a Living From Gaming

In recent years, Asia has become a significant worldwide hub for the video game business. Nowadays, many people in Asia can make a living by playing video games. With so many platforms to select from and incredible games always being released, there are more options for making money.

Although it is possible, making a living from gaming isn’t that easy. The followings are some of the ways people in Asia make a living from gaming:

Live streaming

The most well-liked method for Asian non-competitive players to support themselves in the video game industry is probably streaming. In-person activities like dining, watching movies, or simply conversing are now included in streaming. The growing number of online casinos in Asia has inspired many twitch streamers to broadcast casino content.

You should keep in mind, though, that this quickly expanding sector had its roots in video gaming. It still accounts for a considerable fraction of all traffic to streaming websites.

Athletes competing in esports in Asia may also use streaming to increase their earning potential. When a team’s season is done or when there is no team-mandated practice, people on the team frequently stream.

Anyone may broadcast their games in real-time to a global audience. You must strive to develop a sizable or devoted following. This audience may be made profitable through advertising, sponsorships, and subscriptions. Twitch is the most popular streaming site, however, YouTube is also a choice.

Starting YouTube channels

Many devoted gamers in Asia get income by starting their YouTube channels. For others to watch while you play the game, you may broadcast live streams or record footage of your gaming content.

Professional players in Asia monetize their gaming material by uploading VOD footage on YouTube. For YouTube distribution, they have editors that condense a whole streaming session into a 10 to twenty-minute VOD. This gives fans the chance to continue to consume material from their favorite producers even if they are unable to see it in real-time.

On your YouTube channel, you may also share gameplay lessons, reviews of games, and overall gaming advice to grow your subscriber base and earn money. When your visitors view video or banner advertisements on your gaming videos, you will receive a share of the advertising money.

Additionally, YouTube offers possibilities for running advertisements and accepting money. As long as specific requirements for monetization are followed, this is permitted. Additionally, the site works with other businesses to enable artists to sell their gaming products directly.


For both professional gamers and streamers in Asia, sponsorships are another feasible, lucrative source of money. The public’s awareness of gamers and streamers is growing, and they are drawing a substantial fan following. These people, as well as teams and leagues, are starting to get more sponsorship from businesses that are not exclusively involved in video games or esports.

Well-known companies like Red Bull, Monster Energy, and Intel all support well-known athletes and teams. In exchange, the teams and athletes promote their sponsors’ goods on social media and Twitch streams. They also appear in ads and use their products.

The first step in obtaining sponsors is to get ready to wow them. The next step is to look for businesses that you like that could be willing to sponsor you.

It is also crucial to think about if you would utilize their items. This is crucial because you’ll be promoting that brand. The most important thing is to come across as someone who would be an excellent match to sponsor their business.

Providing gameplay tutorials

Offering gameplay tutorials is another fantastic approach for Asian gamers to attract new viewers and earn money from gaming. Every time a user clicks on your streaming website or YouTube channel, you get paid. For example, Google charges advertisers to display adverts on movies. YouTube is owned by Google, an Alphabet subsidiary.

You must first create an AdSense account and connect it to a YouTube account. You may decide whether to have a banner or video adverts shown.

Making money off the idea of video game lessons does take more time. To generate some money off of this idea, you’ll need to expand your audience to tens of thousands.

You may increase your income by passing on your knowledge and showing others how to play new and improved games. You can decide to concentrate on one game and carve out a niche for yourself, or you can provide tutorials for a variety of games to reach a larger audience.

Testing video games

Testing video games for quality is another way people in Asia make a living from gaming. Computer programming is essentially what creates video games. The developer and players want the computer to respond in a way that looks natural and may even feel as genuine as feasible. To do this, game design businesses want impartial individuals to inform them of what is excellent, and poor, what functions, and what does not.

Being a QA tester can help with that. Not simply technical issues, but also consumer reactions to a new game or improved design, are important for designers and developers to understand.

Normally, they are not testing the power supply, electronics, or wiring. They are evaluating how much more enjoyable a new or improved game is for gamers than those previously available, much like children with a new toy.

QA testers don’t merely finish a game at its hardest difficulty. They play various ideas and constructions again until they can identify nothing to criticize, at which point they report whether or not they had fun. A job in QA is like getting paid to solve various riddles.

Competing in tournaments

You need to be highly talented to use this technique. It might not be a reliable source of income, but it can bring in a lot of money. You may make substantial money by winning video game tournaments for competitive titles like Call of Duty, League of Legends, and Fortnite.

This is most likely the simplest method to generate money in Asia by playing video games. Unless you’re exceptionally skilled at the game and constantly win, you might not be a big earner.

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