BASIS Oro Valley Β School

Since 1st opening in 2014, BASIS Oro Valley Primary has so much exceeded standards set by different primary schools throughout the country. Each day, students engage in hands-on, dynamic lessons employing a rigorous curriculum with real-world applications.

Maryvale Preparatory Academy

Maryvale preparatory Academy is a top 3 school among the surrounding school district. They provide AN exceptional preparatory school education that's tuition-free, for all students.

BASIS Chandler Primary School

They provide a comprehensive curriculum designed to allow students to form connections across content. In addition to rigorous maths, science, and humanities curriculum our students enjoy Mandarin, music, performing arts, visual arts, drama, martial arts/PE, and engineering.

BASIS Scottsdale Primary School

BASIS Scottsdale Primary East maintains a strong school community and culture that's spirited, welcoming, and supportive. Every day, students are engaged in hands-on, collaborative lessons that frequently connect the different subjects to every other.

BASIS Peoria Primary Β School

BASIS Peoria Primary opened in 2017 to meet native demand for a primary school to organize students for higher tutorial expectations. In addition, they added new playgrounds, larger classrooms, bathrooms in every kindergarten room.

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