Games like stardew valley

Moonlighter Sun Haven Hokko LifeΒ  Garden Story My Time at Portia

Top 5 Games Like Β stardew valley

Moonlighter should tick all your Stardew Valley boxes. By day, it’s a management game where you work as a shopkeeper, bartering with customers and restocking shelves with that kind of wonderful, brain-soothing, mediocrity. But, by night you’re a warrior, diving into roguelike dungeons to scavenge wares for your shop.

Sun Haven is like Stardew Valley if it was set in medieval times and had a bit of that mythical world injected into it. Plus, you don’t have to be human. There’s a choice of human, demon, elf, angel, elemental, naga, and amari (which basically means you can play as an animal.

Much like Stardew Valley, you’re in a cosy, peaceful village filled with opportunities to craft, fish, and farm. In Hokko Life though, you’ve got a whole new level of creativity added in as you can head into your workshop to design and build for not only your own home but the surrounding town too.

Like Stardew Valley, getting into My Time at Portia can be a bit of a grind to get into. But, the world is so delightful and rewarding to be in, and interact with, that you soon won’t really mind about that.