What Is The Hideout In The Lamplighters League

What Is The Hideout In The Lamplighters League 2023

What Is The Hideout In The Lamplighters League? Your Hideout in The Lamplighters League is more than just a safe haven; it’s the heart of your operations. Here, you’ll strategize, upgrade your team, and meticulously prepare for upcoming missions. Understanding the Hideout is essential for your success in the game. Let’s dive into its various aspects:

The General Hideout Area – Unraveling the Story

In this section of the Hideout, you’ll primarily engage with the game’s characters and storyline. Take your time to interact with each character after every mission, as their positions and dialogues evolve with each completed objective.

The World Map – Mission Headquarters

The World Map is your mission command center. When you’ve met the prerequisites, you can deploy your agents to missions worldwide. Each mission offers unique rewards like Intel, Supplies, and Skill Points. Mission difficulty is indicated by skulls on a scale of one to five.

Agents Tab – Equipping Your Team

The Agents tab is where you’ll spend most of your time. Here, you can equip your agents with gear, manage Undrawn Hand cards, and upgrade agent skills using Skill Points. Explore each agent’s unique abilities tailored to their class.

Allies Menu | What Is The Hideout In The Lamplighters League

In the Allies menu, fine-tune the skills and abilities of your allies. These characters play a passive role but impact your team’s performance and offer Hideout-specific benefits. Research their abilities to empower them and your team.

Supplier Shop – Your Item Emporium

The Supplier Shop is your one-stop item store. Stock up on field essentials like healing supplies, bombs, and consumables. You can also acquire permanent items like armor. As you progress, the shop’s inventory expands, offering more items.

Prepare, Equip, and Embark

Your Hideout is your stronghold in The Lamplighters League. Harness its potential, equip your team wisely, and embark on daring missions to uncover the game’s mysteries.

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